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OEX Tacana Solo Stove set £31.50 with code @ Fishing Republic

£31.50£58.6146% off
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Posted 23rd Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

OEX Tacana Solo Stove set is only £31.50 delivered with code WELCOME10.

It’s a great bit of kit for a fraction of the cost of the Jetboil range. It will more than do for the occasional camper.

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  • Heat exchanger system that can enhance the heat efficiency up to 30%
  • Neoprene sleeve for extra insulation and safety
  • Space inside the main pot for 230g gas cartridge
  • Includes stove adapter to use other pot types
  • Canister support stand included
  • Only to be used with Butane-Propane Mix Gas Cartridge 230g
  • For outdoor use only

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  1. Avatar
    Does this only fit 230g canisters? Or more sizes? (edited)
    Yes it takes the 230g and it fits inside when packed.

    I think it takes the 500g but that won’t pack inside.
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    This may be a silly question but wouldn't it be better to get an MSR pocketrocket 2 , attach it to a gas canister and boil water? Only need 3 equipment (MSR, canister, pot) ?? Am I missing something here?
    Possibly the heat efficiency system, the fire is sheltered from the wind with this, cooking food faster.
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    I emailed them regarding the code, They said to screenshot the error Message, and if I buy the item, they’ll refund the difference. (edited)
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    I have one of these and they are great. Boils water in a couple of minutes so I use them on motorcycle camping trips with the Firepot range of freeze dried meals. Fuel canister fits inside the main part as well so the whole thing is easily portable.

    Replying to

    it will be hard to answer.. it will vary massively depending on amount of water, amound of wind and temperature outside... but one thing is sure: a lot more than on most conventional stoves and way quicker.

    My jetboil gets around 10-15liters per 100g canister or around 4-5 days camping with basic cooking involved.

    tbh at this price I'm tempted to get it as a backup or secondary stove for camping.

    aaaand I bought it (edited)
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    Anyone know how this compares to a JetBoil?
    Not as good. It takes about one third longer to boil water and isn’t as well made.

    On the positive side it’s more compact, one third of the price and very reliable.

    Im an occasional camper and it will do me fine.

    I like the fact that the gas canister fits inside when packedunlike the Jetboil.

    If I camped a lot I’d buy the Jetboil but this will more than meet my needs for tea, coffee and maybe a morning fry up.
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    Can anyone speak on whether to buy this or the planet x deal?
  7. Avatar
    This coupon can only be used once per customer? Getting this error
    And never shopped here before BtW
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    Noice. I've been using a simple valve on a canister and mess tin. This looks a lot better.

    Thanks for posting. Hopefully get 11.5% back from topcashback as well.
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    Code not working. Tried signing up to new letter but didn’t receive a code via email 🤦‍♀️
    The code took about twenty minutes to come through to my email address.

    Try the code before you receive it once you’ve signed up.

    It worked for me that way. Good luck.
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    welcome10 code works for first order only I believe
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    Nice deal, Heat added!!
  12. Avatar
    Dang just ordered a few days ago without the code, ah well. Received and seems like a solid bit of kit. Haven't tested it yet.
  13. Avatar
    Yeah, code not working
  14. Avatar
    Looks like FR have removed this item from their site. Still available at Go Outdoors.
    That’s frustrating, their customer service is pretty crap tbh (edited)