Offers at netto from tomorrow

Offers at netto from tomorrow

Found 8th Apr 2009
Baileys 70cl various [email protected]£8.99
Original/Texas BBQ/Sour Cream - 155g.
Offer ends 12/04/[email protected]
Carling, 24 [email protected]£12.99
Kumala Wines, 6 [email protected]£18

Picnic chairs with utensils and insulated cool [email protected]£4.99
8in 1 camping travel [email protected]£1.99
Pacific 2person dome [email protected]£7.99 each

Bistro [email protected]£49.99
3 piece aluminum set just right for the summer.
32" LCD [email protected]£279.99
High quality with built in freeview!
Glass Television Stand also [email protected]£39.99 (RRP £89.99)
Folding Patio [email protected]£79.99
6 piece folding set with wheels.

Leafy Salad Packs 200g/[email protected] per pack
Peperami Buy 1 get 1 free - 5 [email protected]£2.19 per pack
Nescafe Classic Coffee [email protected]£2.99 each

Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise [email protected] each
Premium Grapes-500g (30p per 100g)@£1.49 per pack
Princes Orange-with Juicy Bits - 1 [email protected] each
Tulip Gammon-Premium [email protected]£1.99 each
Juicing Oranges,2 kg (70 per kg)@£1.39 per pack

Pork Shoulder Joint,Perfect Easter [email protected]£2.49 per kg
Salad [email protected] per pack
Profiteroles,310g (32p per 100g)@99p per pack
Beef Joint in Gravy,400g (£7.48 per kg)@£2.99 each
Whitworths Stuffing Mix - 340g (18p per 100g)@59p each
Sherry Trifle,750g (34p per 100g)@£2.49 each
Roast Potatoes,1kg - frozen [email protected] per pack
Chocolate Gateau,5 [email protected] each

Plenty Kitchen Towel,8 rolls (50p per roll)@£3.99 each
Airwick 4 in 1-Apple scent - 33% [email protected] each
Wind-Up Radio AM/FM [email protected]£6.99 each

Bold Powder,White Diamond - 24 [email protected]£5.49 each
Wind-Up LED [email protected]£8.99 each

Airwick Symphonia,White Lavender Plug [email protected]£1.99 each
Cillit Bang Citrus Grease & floor cleaner,1 [email protected]£2.49 each

Holsten Pils,4x275ml [email protected]£2.79 each
Adnams Explorer,Chilled beer - [email protected]£1.29 each
Carling,24x440ml [email protected]£12.99 each
Stella Artois,4x400ml [email protected]£3.29 each
French Connection,Red/White/Rose [email protected]£2.99 each
Montana Sauvignon Blanc [email protected](RRP £7.99) £5.49
Vladivar Vodka,70cl (£12.85 per litre)@£8.99 each
Equality Casa Del Vino,White/Red [email protected]£2.99 each

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WOW did you type all that out, serious HUKDer:thumbsup:

:-Dcut and paste and altered bits.x


:-Dcut and paste and altered bits.x

Come on take the glory!!
Only joking.
Heat for the deals ( and rep for the deals + honesty )

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Come on take the glory!!Only joking.Heat for the deals ( and rep for the … Come on take the glory!!Only joking.Heat for the deals ( and rep for the deals + honesty )


Bistro Set 32" LCD TV Folding Patio Set

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