Office: Christmas Specials £3.99

Office: Christmas Specials £3.99

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Found 17th Nov 2006
Three years after the cameras stopped rolling, the BBC returns to Wernham Hogg to catch up with the staff, past and present, of the most famous paper merchants in Slough. Gareth is now office manager and Tim, last seen asking Dawn out (again), appears to be nearing the point of despair. David Brent has blown his redundancy money on releasing a single, and now makes his living selling cleaning products door-to-door and making z-list celebrity appearances. Meanwhile, Dawn and her fiancé Lee have relocated to Florida, but are being flown over specially by the documentary makers for the end-of-year office party. This two-part special of The Office finally brings the story to a close, as we find out whether anyone in this life ever gets what they really want.

dont forget quidco
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Thanks pothead13. Fantastic price for this. :thumbsup:
Thanks just ordered this with the 10% discount too BJ4876

why the vote - ? thought was good deal
Thanks OP a good Christmas pressie for DH
Thanks for this pothead13

Welcome to HotUKDeals pinky8 ;-)

why the vote - ? thought was good deal

If you mean me....I voted Hot
Probably was just questioning the cold vote, not the posters in this thread sindy
Just went to place my order, showed as £3.99, then when id fully placed and paid, it came up as £6.99

So this price has now EXPIRED.
Same happened with me. Not a Hot Deal anymore ??
I've just ordered and the first time I did it it came up as £6.99, I somehow?!?! added another one to the basket and it came up as £7.98 for the 2, so I deleted both and then put one back in (my god this goes on!) which came up as £3.99 used the discount code above to bring it down to £3.49 and 11% Quidco - super bargain!

Ok, well ill have another try doing what you said
As would really like it
Just re-ordered, really annoyed as i had to set up a whole new account, because i was also using a spend over £30 get £5 off voucher, but, managed to bag the office dvd @ 3.99 (so it hasnt expired!)
Saved a fiver on my order taking it down to £27.95, then also went through quidco
So, probably pay about £25 for the 6 dvds i ordered, really going to make a little boys christmas
Thanks pothead13, great deal!
Still available at this great price
Mine arrived the other day :thumbsup:
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