Official Apple earphones - reduced +50% - £11.99 @ blue-thirteen ebay

Official Apple earphones - reduced +50% - £11.99 @ blue-thirteen ebay

Found 8th Jan 2015
Ebay deal of the day:
Brand new official Apple Earphones With Remote + Mic in Apple Box.

Argos sells the same for £25 so maybe the RRP is correct for once.

Limited quantity available.


Had loads of earphones for my iPhone but these are the best for me them

Im a huge apple fanboy but even i have nothing good to say about these. when sat still at my desk they just about stay in but any movement or walking around the just fall straight out. There are litterally 1000 better options than these for around this price.

Although the sound is questionably better than the older models, these have a nasty habit of slipping out. Good price though.

Though I have never bought the overpriced official earphones, just the copies that cost around £2.00, I have never found them to drop / slip out of my ears.

wife likes these. but are they anymore genuine than the other genuine headphones on ebay for £8.99

Thats cheaper than 2nd hand pnes on FSFT here, so heat from me.
No idea what they're like as headphones as i gave mine away to my kids.

I just clicked on the heat button and the post went from -39 to -42 !

Price is now £25
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