Official Apple Universal Dock & Apple Remote - £19.99 *Reserve & Collect* @ Argos

Official Apple Universal Dock & Apple Remote - £19.99 *Reserve & Collect* @ Argos

Found 25th Feb 2011
This is last years model, so i don't think it comes with a sync cable or power adapter.

However if you don't need them and simply want to use the dock for playing music, this is a great deal at half price and £30 less than the current model which only has the difference of a silver remote.


£20 for an ipod stand? No thanks

bought a remote for my ipod in poundland not so long ago

Stupid, stupid question.... but.... does this allow you to plug your iPod into a stereo and play the music stored on your iPod?

I ask because it says "Stereo line in cable for playing other audio devices." but surely it would be a line out if you want to play through a strereo???

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Yeah it will work like that, that's the main reason I'm buying one.

@samichaudry Thanks!

Just reserved the last one left at my local store.

No stock locally, does it work with the iPhone 3GS or just the 3G?

ive just taken our second faulty one back to argos, they are great little docks, can be hooked up to your own hifi speakers, but the problem is the little socket in the back where you plug in the speakers doesnt last if you take the jack out more then once! the 2 we had wouldnt charge the ipod as it supposed to , the remote didnt last more then an hour then had to change the little battery,
so sorry op this is a waste of money if you want to use it for more then a normal dock that can be found for under a tenner in most places.

I think its a fab deal, ive reserved one at my local store. thanks samichaudry.
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