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AS Roma Unisex Football T-Shirt ( Official Replica / S / M / L / XL / XXL Sizes ) cheaper w/fee free card

£3.56 from Spain ·
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About this deal

A decent reduction on the S / M / L / XL / XXL sizes which are around £19 to £27 here on the UK site. Below is for the XXL size.

Key Features

  • Material composition: 100% Polyester
  • Care instructions: Machine wash at low temperature
  • Sleeve type: Long Sleeve
  • Fit type: Regular
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Official AS Roma product
  • Romelu Lukaku Number and Name Football Shirt
  • Great for going to the stadium
  • Show your football faith

The product page is here.
Amazon Spain More details at

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  1. plath's avatar
    picture doesn't have the Adidas three stripe sponsor badge on the chest which should be on the home kit (edited)
    Sweetchuck's avatar
    Yep, the three-stripe trim on the shoulders/sleeves is also missing, and the collar is different from the official strip too. It's more of a tribute shirt than a replica kit.
  2. shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    Just to know this is a t shirt not the home jersey, still not bad for a t shirt
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    On the UK site they call it a Jersey here. Changed the title to a T-Shirt because the Spanish listing calls it a T-Shirt. (edited)
  3. FinalBoss's avatar
    thepostie's avatar
    Was looking for this exact comment!
  4. lucauk's avatar
    Not original but decent price if you dont mind a replica. Voted hot and Forza Roma.
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    It is an official replica - changed the title to make it clearer and put in a link to the product page.
  5. gianthair's avatar
    Considered buying this but then thought that somewhere maybe I’d heard that some white nationalists use SPQR as a symbol. Looked for it on Google and found a little evidence. Obviously a very different context but it has made me hesitant to buy in case misconstrued so far from the Med. (edited)
    plath's avatar
  6. Moss.b's avatar
    Official replica what on earth lol
  7. Aerobiz's avatar
    Their fans like to stab and attack people. No thanks.
  8. trojan34's avatar
    Ordered. Cheers OP 😃
  9. seymourbutts's avatar
    Why would anyone actually want these?
  10. N0bodyOfTheGoat's avatar
    Is the "90" the number of sitters he's missed this season? (edited)
  11. stantier2's avatar
    doesnt look very official
    DeepCH's avatar
    True.. the manufacturer's logo is missing
  12. Cheeky_Chap's avatar
    So Spanish Amazon selling an Italian team replica shirt of a Belgian player to the UK!
  13. martinelsen's avatar
    looks very primark to me - cold
  14. Cepultura's avatar
    Basically the same as buying a t-shirt from Primark. 
  15. LeeWhitfield's avatar
    Lukaku plays for Roma!? Genuinely didn’t know that haha.
  16. pagehamillton's avatar
    Went to see them play Bologna last season at the Olympico . Torture watching them play under mourinho . Plus Abraham is overrated . Good squad though lots of youngsters coming through

    So there medium is a 54cm chest Europe which is 42cm UK which seems more a large UK ? (edited)
    Pualle's avatar
    I envy you getting over there to see them.

    Roma are much improved for the 2nd half of this season, but this season's Bologna are much improved.

    I only get to watch them from home though. Dream match if I could get there would be Bologna Roma.
  17. slickster25's avatar
    They sell these in Turkey!!
    martinelsen's avatar
    for about £3 i’d guess?
  18. tonypop's avatar
    I've no idea why they sell a fan t-shirt with all the sponsors? Not an actual shirt, just a kinda rip off walking advertisement
  19. rhysd89's avatar
    Absolute trash
  20. thedalj's avatar
    Lukaku's talking
  21. BustyB293's avatar
    Club does not even own its ground…
    marco806's avatar
    Roma are selling out every home game and have been trying to move to new stadium for many years....the local council are the block...

    The AS Roma new stadium project envisions a capacity of around 65,000 spectators. If all goes according to plan, the facility will be operational in 2027, on the club's 100th anniversary.

    An undertaking of this size requires an investment of over €500 million. We will probably have to wait a bit longer before seeing the final project. But there's no need to worry, admitted Rome's mayor, Massimiliano Umberti, in an interview with TRS. (edited)
  22. Just_A_Guy's avatar
    Is the 90 a reminder of how much utd spent on him?
  23. gslgregory's avatar
    According to the size chart, an XL is a 57cm chest. That's a little over 22", which is tiny!
  24. C_Arduini's avatar
    Ohhh yes Forza Roma ✌️🤌
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