Official iPad & iPad Mini smart cases 10% OFF @ Sainsburys

Official iPad & iPad Mini smart cases 10% OFF @ Sainsburys

LocalFound 7th Feb 2013
Bought an iPad mini recently from the carphone warehouse deal posted on here a few weeks ago and noticed today they had the smart covers in sainsburys with 10% off! Bought a nice Smart Cover on amazon by poetic but it's got grubby quick. Just wish I'd have saved the £13 I spent on that and put it towards this case!

Also other apple accessories 10% off
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Worst designed case ever..only protects screen where even a tissue is just as effective
I have the case for my iPad and it looks great but It's not effective in standing up at all
I bought one of these cases from the apple store when I bought my iPad mini before Xmas but took it back cause I couldn't justify paying £35 quid for it! Nice case don't get me wrong for around the house but wouldn't dare take it outside in it! I then found the same cases on ebay for £5.75 just not apple, if I put one in an apple case you wouldn't know the difference!…bc5
The cheap ones aren't made out of polyurethane and the magnets aren't as strong. I've got both official and knock off.
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