Official Nexus 7 case for £9.99 @ Currys

Official Nexus 7 case for £9.99 @ Currys

Found 14th May 2014
first deal so don't bite! just brought a nexus 7 and needed a case for it. went into curry's and saw this case for £17. went online and saw it cheaper so i just reserved it on my phone and got it for £9.99. a nice little case with no bulk to it. The blue one is only for this price.
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Not a very good case

Not a very good case

I like the fact it doesn't add any bulk to it. Some other cases are too big.
I wish the official HD7 cases were this price!
Which nexus 7 is it for?

Which nexus 7 is it for?

2013 version.
My wife got the official Asus case on the Asus website for about £20. Really good case and does not add bulk. Unlike this one it can fold into a stand. Decent price for this case though.
I have this case for my nexus 7 2013, correct it doesn't add bulk and feels quite nice but it's stand feature (similar to the iPad smart cover) does not work very well.
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