Official NSD 350Hz Metal Powerball only £52.86
Official NSD 350Hz Metal Powerball only £52.86

Official NSD 350Hz Metal Powerball only £52.86

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Generates up to 40lb's of torque yet weighs less than a glass of water!
Presenting one of the world's most perfectly engineered products!
Flawlessly finished in a magnificent mirror-chrome, this remarkable gyroscope offers the serious Powerball enthusiast a spin experience like absolutely no other.
At almost twice the weight of the Neon or 250Hz models, the 350Hz Metal exerts an extraordinary force on the arm and wrist and will test even the fittest player.
These superlative 350Hz products are supplied with a full compliment of replacement components to help you maintain their silky smooth performance indefinitely - the sphere has been precision engineered to allow it screw apart at the centre for easy access to the internals.
And when we say 'flawless chrome' finish...we mean flawless!
To compliment such a magnificent product, we present it to you in a unique and totally transparent 2-piece magnetic display case which will please the most discerning tastes...(we promise that when you are not spinning your new 350Hz Powerball, you are going to be happy just sitting there looking at it on the desk...
How Powerball works...
Powerball is a finely engineered and precision crafted gyro consisting of a rapidly spinning rotor enclosed in a solid [hand held] outer sphere.
You set this rotor in motion using a cord or your finger and build its speed by subtle rotation of the wrist. It contains no motor and no batteries. All of the energy which we describe below comes from you dear reader and the stronger you are, the faster you will be able to make your Powerball spin! The faster you spin the inner rotor the more inertia it generates and the more resistance it subsequently inflicts upon the fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.
And in addition, because the inertia (or gyroscope resistance) generated within the Powerball is directly proportional to the speed at which you are spinning the rotor - these precision instruments are just as capable of gently rehabilitating a damaged limb (wrist breakage, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, tendonitis, tennis elbow, golf elbow etc.) as they are at building huge muscle in the arms and shoulders - its a completely non impact form of exercise and is all about rotor speed.
So whether you decide to purchase Powerball because you are a sports enthusiast who wants to make some serious improvements to your chosen game, a fitness enthusiast who wants to build or tone your arms, are suffering from a wrist disorder or simply want to enjoy one of the most addictive and entertaining new products to ever appear on the web, we encourage you to come on board and experience the extraordinary phenomena that is Powerball for yourself - we promise a most unforgettable encounter!

Will need to pick up instore for this price.
Else can be delivered along with your order at overclockers.co.uk at £8 for next day citylink delivery


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Like other official NSD powerballs Comes with a lifetime guarantee

A lot of money though!

still a good deal if you are looking for this.
voted hot!!

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Thanks rangermastiffs.

These are normally £69.99

Obviously not for those of who don;t know what powerballing is.
If not I'd recommend one of the cheaper plastic (and lighter) ]ones... and you'll be hooked.
These things really make exercising your arm fun.

Anyway, I've ordered one of these metal ones to really pump up my forearm. Only 8 left in stock
The original plastic one, though good, doesn't seem to have the same effect anymore.
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