Official Rock Band Usb Hub £4.99 @ Game

Official Rock Band Usb Hub £4.99 @ Game

Found 2nd Sep 2009
Rock Band Official USB hub... This can be used for both xbox and ps3..These sell for £20.00 usually.. This enables you to add more than 2 devices to your console.



guitar, drums and mic

is that right?

Because I am thinking about getting the mic, drum and guitar set and maybe another guitar, does that men I will need one of these? or 2

Isn't it just a USB hub?


Isn't it just a USB hub?

Yes but it Rocks!! :-D

This has gone up by a quid! I got one for £3.99 about a month ago.

Still, it's a good price for a mains powered 4 port usb hub that is neat and tidy.

ordered last night, already on its way heat an rep added

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thanks Neal for adding pics...yeah ashley thats right ..
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