Official Wii Nunchuk Controller add-on, only £10.15 @ Amazon UK
Official Wii Nunchuk Controller add-on, only £10.15 @ Amazon UK

Official Wii Nunchuk Controller add-on, only £10.15 @ Amazon UK

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I put this item in my basket on Friday, and noticed that it had dropped by £2 today to just over £10.

I couldn't find a better price than this anywhere - so make the most of it while it's this cheap.

(Free SuperSaver delivery also available, of course.)


The Wii Nunchuk controller is a secondary controller that adds even more innovation to the next generation of gaming, and does it all with less physical movement. Used in conjunction with the standard Wii remote, certain games need the Nunchuk controller for additional control options. Contoured perfectly to fit a player's hand,

The Wii Nunchuk connects directly to the Wii remote.

The Nunchuk controller builds on the simplicity of the Wii Remote controller. The Nunchuk contains the same three-axis motion sensor found in the Wii Remote, but also includes an analog stick, and two buttons to help assist in character movement.


REP you...... i've been looking for a official nunchuk for weeks............ excellent price.:thumbsup:

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I'm surprised that this deal hasn't become hotter.

The one from Zavvi (that also required a voucher) was £12, if I recall correctly, and that was over 250 degrees.

This is a great deal. Hot from me! :thumbsup:

Quite hot but when you see the nunchuk, it's so flimsy, you'd think it'd be worth a fiver

Hot deal though.

Great. Been looking for a couple more of these. Just ordered!


bought mine off ebay shop new for £5.50

I posted a deal when they were just under a tenner a few weeks ago.

I can confirm that they are official, come boxed and delivery was quick.

Would definately recommend using.

This is a good price, but i have to say i purchased an "aftermarket" one off Deal Extreme with the wiimote and cant fault it, got both for around £19 the pair, its nigh on impossible to tell the difference with the originals



bought mine off ebay shop new for £5.50

was it real ?

certainly is.

BUT: even if it wasnt 'real' but it worked whats the problem?

Superb deal

price has now gone up
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