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Posted 15 December 2022

Official world cup Qatar England hoodies and joggers £1.99 instore @ Lidl, Winton

In store: Greater Manchester · LIDL Deals
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Official world cup qatar england hoodies and joggers spotted for just £1.99 in Lidl winton.

Assuming reduced coz we got knocked out but these feel like really good quality clothes. Warm too. If you know how to get print off shirts or just something to doss around in these will do you. 3 different colours to choose from.

May be in other lidls, not sure
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  1. Avatar
    If only they didn't have that flag on them!
    It would come off few washes lol
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    Check before you buy as the ones I saw had 'World Cup winners 2022'......!
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    Are these available in Scotland Lidl or do they not have a world cup section?
    We rejoice in your hyped up failure. We know we’re cack, but we do enjoy an English collapse.
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    £1.99 for either, or £1.99 for both?? I don't wanna overpay...

    Honestly though, people don't just completely stop wearing England shirts just because they're out of the world cup (edited)
    Exactly, it's a souvenir. If Scotland did this they'd never get chance to wear a shirt.
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    Sat across from a LIDL now. These will definitely do for winter pj's if in stock. Cheers, OP.
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    Another layer of clothing for that money , irrespective of the design is very welcome . Ideal workwear in this weather..Cheers
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    Ideal for the incontinent.😁
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    Would make good alright painting gear 🤷‍♀️
    As long as you’re only painting indoors.
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    give them away for free thats how good the are.
  12. Avatar
    Yeah, not the *best* design I've ever seen
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    I wonder if the stench of failure washes out.
  14. Avatar
    oh dear
    Is that what you say when your taking one for the team
  15. Avatar
    The perfect Christmas gift for your French friends.
  16. Avatar
    £2 more than they are worth 
  17. Avatar
    My Lidl paid me £1.99 to take it.
  18. Avatar
    My local have still got them for £9.99
  19. Avatar
    I tried giving one to a homeless guy standing next to the local pizza shop.

    He rejected it so I got him a slice instead.

    49057356_1.jpg (edited)
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    Might buy some and pretend I work for the International Red Cross. 🚑🏥
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    pop one in the draw for four years ............... making assumptions there though
  24. Avatar
    Any Scotland or Ireland ones 😜