Official xbox 360 120GB HDD-£59.99 @ Comet instore

Official xbox 360 120GB HDD-£59.99 @ Comet instore

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Comet have these instore too. Due to the recent price drop I guess


Can't find this on the website anywhere


Can't find this on the website anywhere

Maybe because it says in-store??

Good price (cheapest I've seen so far) but MS should bring the RRP prices down considerably, they are well overpriced, 120GB same price as an 360 Arcade

Thanks OP, been looking to find a cheap one for the new dashboard update so I can rip some games to my hard drive.

...sounds like a good idea to get a Currys/PC World pricematch!

non event again

went in today, priced £99.99 an no stock to. This is Derby Store

Went in Comet in Poole and they had 2. They weren't advertised in store but I got someone to check on their computer and he was surprised at the price as well as having 2 in stock. Great deal. Many thanks

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Sorry if some people didn't get it. Strange as I've shot down there before to get games and they've not had the deal and then they had this and the £4.99 Ps3 games. Maybe the Romford branch is on the ball now! :thumbsup:

My mate checked for me when I went in there today, and they are indeed £59.99

ALSO, they've got the pink battery packs for £2.99 each!! I picked a couple up, who cares what colour it is, you can't see it when your playing anyway

I plan on making my own 120GB 360 drive when the next dashboard update arrives.

In store in Newport South Wales.

smokin' hot deal, i paid £70 for mine a few weeks back and thought that was a bargain!

In the Bath and Bristol stores these are marked up at £159

I've since been informed that this was a computer glitch! These should have been £159 all alnog.

Damn I just missed out


120gb for 60 quid is still very expensive when you think about it.

You can get a 1TB drive for £80...

Don't know how MS can justify this.

Apparently they lost loads putting the hardrive in the original xbox, I think they're just making up loses now.

Having said that I didn't know you could swap hdd on 360s (with out screw drives), What's stopping people hacking this and putting a 1TB in?
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