Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Play & Charge Kit £28 @ Amazon

Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Play & Charge Kit £28 @ Amazon

Found 30th Mar 2015
Good deal for the Official controller and charge kit.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
High-performance wireless gaming now comes in black! Using optimised technology, the black Xbox 360 Wireless Controller lets you enjoy a 30-foot range and up to 40 hours of life on the two included AA batteries-and when they run low, you're given ample warning so you can connect a Play & Charge Kit for uninterrupted play. Plug the Xbox 360 Headset into the controller for full two-way voice communication: a wireless first. The same award winning Wireless Controller is back in black!
• 2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range
• Use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console
• Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE play
• Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
• New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use
• Use the Xbox 360 Guide button to keep track of your friends, access your games and media, or power on and off your Xbox 360 console

Play & Charge Kit
Match the sleek black design of your Xbox 360 Elite console and recharge your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller while you play so you can kiss disposable batteries goodbye! Now available in black and complete with a charging cable and rechargeable battery pack, the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit is all you need to juice up your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - even in the midst of battle.

• Play & Charge Cable enables continuous gameplay
• More than 30 hours of play per charge
• Battery fuel gauge through the Xbox 360 dashboard
• Includes Play & Charge Cable and NiMH rechargeable battery pack
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controller on its own also £22

controller on its own also £22

Actually, the controller in this bundle with the Play & Charge kit is better than the one currently at £22, as this one has the "transforming" D-pad (you can twist it to change it between a disc and a cross).

controller on its own also £22

The official charge pack is worth the extra £6 IMHO. They are better than the third party stuff and light years ahead of the crap found on eBay.
I bought the same kit a few weeks bsck at this price, it's a hot deal so heat added accordingly.
£39 now :-(
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