Official Xbox One Chat Pad £7.50 instore @ Tesco - Barnstaple

Official Xbox One Chat Pad £7.50 instore @ Tesco - Barnstaple

£7.50£29.9975%Tesco Direct Deals
LocalFound 15th Jan 2018
Found in Tesco reduced to clear from £29.99

Comes with headset, chat pad and usb cable.


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Good shout! Just nipped along to Tesco in Newport and got one (last one). I've been waiting for one of these to turn up at CEX for the right price but at £7.50, you're no gonna neat that. Result!
Works somehow with XO pad and W10? Few years ago I had X360 wireless + receiver PC but the chat pad wont work on PC...
Works great on Windows 10 (I've just typed this reply with mine) with an Xbox One Controller. I'm using a wireless dongle with an elite controller.

The only thing that doesn't work are the 2 special keys (X1 and X2) but you can use a program called SharpKeys to bind these keys to any other key so I have mine set as F5 and TAB which allows you to setup the special keys for the games you are playing.

Great deal OP.
33069854-8IZoa.jpgCurrently in Tesco, will this scan at £7.50?
SyedMusaGilani37 m ago

[Image] Currently in Tesco, will this scan at £7.50?

It did in mine!
Thanks OP
KrispiiDuck2 m ago

It did in mine! Thanks OP

Got 3 from Tesco Wembley, £7.50 each! What a bargain! HEAT
What is it exactly?
Gambler6 m ago

What is it exactly?

Ah I understand now. Shame they only do them in black.
Pity it's not available for online purchase. Pity for me that is
Craigavon have 1 left out the back.
shannon00726 m ago

Craigavon have 1 left out the back.

It’s always the exotic fancy named places that have the deals bet there are none in good ol Notts areas.
Sorry folks... But Got the last one from Tesco on Yarmouth road in lowestoft. Hopefully as still at £7.50 but marked at £29.95 on shelf.
Someone else might get lucky at a different store?
Apologies, daft question incoming. I can't see me ever using these for the "chat" application that the name implies. BUT, can I attach one to my controller and use it to much more quickly search for things on Netflix than the existing controller allows me to?
They had 2 display boxes in my local, so I took one to the till to be told it was OOS. I asked shouldn't they have removed the boxes or added a OOS tab to the shelf label and the lady said they had to display the boxes to show they were selling the Chat Pads. But they weren't selling them ...

Hopefully my other store gets them in!
None in Broughton. The label said they were 'New' in.
Got one last night in the Springburn (St Rollox) Tesco. Was marked at reduced to £15 but rang up at £7.50. They had one left on an end stand at the time.

Cheers, OP!
Managed to get x4 of these from a store just outside Birmingham City Centre at £7.50 each however they do not carry them on the shelf you need to ask at customer services and get them to check in the back. Goodluck!
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