Officially Licensed Dual Charge 'n' Stand 4Gamers £7.99 (Tesco)

Officially Licensed Dual Charge 'n' Stand 4Gamers £7.99 (Tesco)

Found 24th Nov 2017
Charge and store two DualShock® 4 wireless controllers at once directly from your PlayStation® 4 with the officially licensed 4Gamers™ Dual Charge ‘n’ Stand, complete with officially licensed USB Play ‘n’ Charge cables.

Designed for PlayStation®

The stand neatly stores up to two controllers upright, whilst the USB charging cables connect the DualShock® 4 controller directly to the PS4™. Designed with the PlayStation® 4 in mind, the matt finish complements your PlayStation® 4 console and PlayStation® controllers.
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This one looks much better for £2 more…489
Uridium17 m ago

This one looks much better for £2 …This one looks much better for £2 more

If it was in stock maybe.
Sorry have to vote cold...

This product is literally a plastic stand. It is not a charging dock. You still have to connect USB cables into the top of the controllers in order to charge them, which they themselves need to be connected to the console or an alternative power supply.

Only one way to go with charging docks - get the official Sony one. Charges the controllers from the port found between the thumbsticks next to the headphone jack with no need for additional wires or add-ons.
Edited by: "dchampx" 24th Nov 2017
@dchampx Well said. Thank you for that clarification
out of stock
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