Officially Licensed Nintendo 2.1 Speaker System £15.99 @ Play

Officially Licensed Nintendo 2.1 Speaker System £15.99 @ Play

Found 24th May 2010
when they first came out they were £70 NOW only £16 cant pass a good deal like this
special features:
* Full function remote control
* 3D sound and volume
* Bass and treble control
* Magnetically shielded speakers
* Wooden subwoofer cabinet
* Input to connect MP3 player or any audio device to play your favourite songs


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Cold why?

'Cos it's cheaper elsewhere, probably as crap as £15 2.1 speaker sets always are, and totally pointless, unless your TV has speaker that are even worse than these.

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probably as crap as £15 2.1 speaker sets always are

they were £70 when they first came out so.......

£14.99 in game, they look pretty funky but they are to bulky

3o Watts pretty good aint it? hot.

3d sound from a 2.1... havin a laugh


they were £70 when they first came out so.......

Just because someone said that, it doesn't make it true. They're small, plastic, and unless I'm missing it, they're no-name speakers, so around £20 (which is about the usual price for them, give or take a fiver) is about right for them.

Anyhow, the problem with these sorts of speakers is that they're incomplete. A real speaker contains a tweeter and a woofer, sometimes several of each, and something inbetween for midrange frequencies. Subwoofers became popular a few years ago, because our ears aren't terribly good at picking up the direction from where a low frequency sound is coming from, so you'd get four or so normal speakers with about a normal amount of bass response in each, plus a subwoofer, for extra bass power and even lower frequencies. The sub was mono, because it didn't need to be stereo. With these speakers here, what they're doing is giving you two trebely satellites with no bass response of their own, and putting all the bass into the single woofer. Superficially it might sound okay if it's turned up and in a small enough area, but you really aren't going to get any great musical sounds out of these, just because the bass is in mono, the treble/bass balance is bound to be bad, and you don't get proper stereo out of them. I've bought these sorts of things in the past and I've got friends who've got them, and I really wouldn't recommend them, even if it is only £15.

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hey're no-name speakers

do some research!
4Gamers makes them and there is your proof if you despretly need it for the price being £70 (is that proof for you)
oh and 1 more thing they are novelty speakers to use on your wii or mp3 player there wont be used for full on music listening to and its for people who like merchandise like this that i posted it on here in the first place so if you are going to be a hater the go somewhere else and do it!

I have these and I’m very happy with them:thumbsup: I got them to use with iPlayer radio on the Wii but I also use them with games as well. Oh and I have a full surround system. The grey base is detachable:thumbsup:

I also own these and they represent fantastic value for money IMO.

The sub basically looks like wii console on steroids, it's fat and sits right next to the console itself - they look the business I reckon.

The satellites are styled in the fashion of nunchuk controllers - everyone who sees them in our living room always comment on how cool they look.

Worth noting that they are officially licensed by Nintendo for 4Gamers - so if Nintendo are happy to put their name to it, you can be sure that they are of some quality.

Heat from me.
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