OFFLINE ONLY :HTC Magic, 600mins, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Web £17.50 for 15 Months (18 month contract) @ Vodafone
OFFLINE ONLY :HTC Magic, 600mins, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Web £17.50 for 15 Months (18 month contract) @ Vodafone

OFFLINE ONLY :HTC Magic, 600mins, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Web £17.50 for 15 Months (18 month contract) @ Vodafone

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Just called vodafone customer services and got the htc magic with 600mins, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile web for £17.50 a month for 15 months and £35 for the three remaining months. However you can upgrade after 15 months so you may not need to pay full price for the last three months.
In my opinion this is a pretty damn good deal, however this is my first post so go on tear me apart. You may not be able to get it on your first call, so keep trying the deal definatly exists. Just mention a few friends of yours got the same deal.


Seems a good deal to me - might try it soon as my contract up in a couple of weeks.

Kin brilliant deal, I've got the same for £30 (well it's supposed to be but they keep f**king my account up and overcharging me). Really REALLY check the paperwork when it comes through. Mine was telephone call to Vodafone, £30 a month for 15 months, and I'm well happy IF they sort the bill out. £17.50 amazing!

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why are people voting cold? and not leaving a reason

Do you have a direct link as the 'Go to Deal' link doesn't work?

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instore only mate

This is a great phone the only prob with it is you can't use bluetooth to transfer files to another phone or recieve them

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yeah i heard about that, but hey at that price im not complaining. Got a cracking deal and i didnt even have to work for it they simply gave it to me once i mentioned a few of my friends had it

dont fancy paying 35 quid a month in 15months time for a phone that will be out of date though

you do an upgrade mate, but to let you know vodafone only lt you update 3months early, ONLINE! so if you want to upgrade via neogiating a deal with CS you'llneed to wait for the full 18months i think

Why is this being voted cold?

Looks like a great deal; I'm after an android based phone atm...I just dont know which one and had discounted the magic but at that price it would be well in the running.

surely this is not available for 1st time customers though? I spoke directly to voda a few days ago specifically asking about the magic, and the best they could offer was the standard just under 30 quid tariff. Humbug.

EDIT: Actually, this works out at £367 over 18 months, and i've just jumped for the O2 £20 simplicity (800m, 1600t, Blackberry Unltd, 12mnths) with £100 quidco (now tracked), working out at £134 for a year, leaving me £233 difference (18mnths vs 12 I know) which makes me feel better. In fact, I'm sure I would've jumped into this deal so in a way I'm glad I didn't find out about it and spend money I *know* I shouldn't...! Oh no! just thought, I could cancel my O2 within the 14 days... no, stay strong... don't *need* a Magic...

PS: cracking offer

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No it's for anyone, I was a vodafone payg customer but my brother also got this and he was on o2

Bargain. Hot. I'm sure it must be possible to enable BT data-transfer

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+ about the bt transfer i got my magic today and there is an app on the market that enables bt transfer

I tried this deal yesterday as Im due for a renewal they would not have it said they would lose money! They received my cancelation letter today and gave me a call tried it again but they would not have it. They want my friends number who got this deal so they can check it!

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i didnt need to do anything, i just asked for the deal. and its actually REAL i have my magic with me now and i called 191 to confirm the price, just keep trying mate, ask customer services to put you through to sales

each time I ask they keep asking for my friends number if you would not mind messaging me with your number I could give it a go that way. otherwise i will just keep trying when they call me.

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sure thing check your PM, just dont call me or anything please

ha ha no problem, cheers for that.


sure thing check your PM, just dont call me or anything please

If its not too much of a problem, i'd appreciate the gesture too. thanks:oops:

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lets see how johnw gets on if it works for him that way, you can have it too

my bet is they ask for zombie's handset back / £250....

actually zombie, I just rang and they said they needed the credit card details, address and date of birth of "my friend"... so if you can send them to my Nigerian postal address...

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hahaha nice one mate, my uncle just got this but with 900 mins for £20 a month


I can confirm that this offer is valid but takes sometime to sort out hopefully the points below will help, this is what happened today, it took three calls.

Call 1 - Asked if this offer was available, told that it was but they would be making a loss over 18 months and therefore it would be over 24 months. I then mentioned I was also looking for a Nokia 5800, I was offered the Nokia free of charge, at 15 * £15 & 3 * £30. This was good but I did not have my PAK code.

Call 2 - Tried to purchase the Nokia deal from call 1, I was told that the price was incorrect and should have been £17.50 as the most they could discount price plans was 50%
Call 3 - Asked for exactyy what I asked for in call 1, HTC Magic, I was put on hold as the person dealing with me didn't have a clue, eventuually I was passed to someone who knew what they were doing and said yes no problems I can have the HTC Magic, 18 Month contract as in this post.

This is how I think it works, the HTC Magic is free on a £35 a month contract, currently Vodafone have a £40 a month contract that inlcudes 600 min, Unlimited TXT's & Internet, but are reducing this to £35 this is on their WEB, Then the call agent is allowed to discount price plans by upto 50% bringing the price down to £17.50 for thr first 15 months then 3 @ £35 but you can upgrade at month 15.

Hope this helps others


Nice tip off from the OP on this sweet deal!

It was a lot easier than I expected to get this deal after the steps some posters have had to go through. I got cut off halfway through the first call I made as I was getting credit checked (this chap approved the deal straight away)

Second call the bloke said he couldn't do it but I insisted I'd just been approved, he then 'begrudgingly' gave me the discount and got the original deal as specified. Getting delivered on Thursday get in!

H&R for the OP and any helpers that gave out advice in here!

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im actually gutted, i was holding out for an iPhone 3GS and vodafone have just annoucned there getting it, but hey at this price i cant complain.

My contract is ending on the 13th October (N95 8GB/18 month/£35 p/m) and I sent in the letter of cancellation as well so I thought it'd be worth a try to get this deal. All the guy could offer me was it in a 24 month contract at £30 a month.

I said that a friend got the offer and he said that your friend must be pulling your leg becuase thats an amazing offer. So he said that if I got my friends number then he would give me the offer as well.

So if anyone who got the offer is willing to give me their number then please let us know. I'll even give you my number so you can text me or something.



Be careful of what you are offered on the phone. Ask them to send you an email to comfirm what they offered i.e. the price plan, the discount etc within 7 days cooling period just in case anything goes wrong you can cancel it.

I just go through the mass with them and they claimed they had no record of what they offered on the phone ( Magic + 24m 100minutes + 500texts + unlimited internet for £15/m). It's eventually sorted out by a high level manager but the whole process is very stressful .

Hope this helps.

just to confirm I got this deal too. I just pretty much told him how to do it on his system, i.e take the online tariff at £35 and discount it by 50% for 15 months. again the CSR had to check with their manager, but with a bit of banter and politeness it went pretty smoothly. just waiting for the email now to confirm everything but the phone is being sent by courier for tommorrow. I asked him to repeat the deal a few times to make sure there was no confusion on the discount front and also asked him to send email confirmation. thanks all for your help! heat added OP!



Still plucking away trying to get this deal.

I was getting it last nite but I phoned at 7:30 and outbounds where meant to give us a call back in 5-10 minutes and didn't (as the close at so I've been on the phone to them again today to try and chase up the deal.

I'll let use know how I get on, hopefully persistance pays off!

I tried to get this deal a few days ago but no go . They said it was impossible even on £35 tarrif so cancelled my contract, There loss.


I tried to get this deal a few days ago but no go . They said it was … I tried to get this deal a few days ago but no go . They said it was impossible even on £35 tarrif so cancelled my contract, There loss.

Same for me. I asked for my PAC code but they couldn't give it to me there and then. Said I have to wait for the letter.

No chance of getting it at all. The cheapest they could do was a 24 month contract, £20 p/m, 300 minutes, unltd txt, unltd web. That's with about the 6th phone call today as well even though they offered it to me last night, unreal! Also that was with me going through the sales team, outbounds and managers.

So once again anyone who has got this deal if they could give me their number so I can push for this a little more so they can cross reference.



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okay i got my paperwork through today and im gonna take a picture of it, so i can prove all you guys that think im a liar wrong.

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hopefully this thing will get some heat now

sounds good OP - might try for this myself....

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let me know how it goes

no joy....

Just to let everyone know, i got this deal 1 month ago, but on a 12 MONTH CONTRACT.

£17.50 for full 12 months.

upgrade letter came saying 18 months, but i now have emails from 3 different departments confirming price and duration.

online system even says i'm eligible for upgrade from july 25th 2009 (+70 days = 12 months from day i got phone)

took some haggling, but well woth it!
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