Oh Deery Me T-shirt from Red Bubble £16.47 delivered @ Redbubble

Oh Deery Me T-shirt from Red Bubble £16.47 delivered @ Redbubble

Found 19th Dec 2017
As close as I'm gonna get to a flame deer! Get this before Christmas and an extra 10% off if you sign up to their emails. Bring on the ice cold degrees ...
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It's Christmas. Have some heat
It's the flamedeer comp more like have some heat
I think people are clutching at straws with the deer related key words.
I read this in my mind in my Yorkshire accent.
Although it states that posting deer related deals will not make your deer come any faster..

I'm in work today and am leaving this open in a side window in the hope of catching some, I've had 3 so far with no effort made XD!

I do actually comment on here and look at the deals though..

On a serious post related note, £16 for a t shirt is a joke XD!!!
You can get a xmas jumper from zavvi or a nintendo for less than this. Are you crazy posting this deal?
Yaaaaay! Just got yet another white Xmas tree flamedeer on this post...
See now ...the price has gone up you crazy kids buying them all up
Anything from redbubble isn't a deal.
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