Oil drum Charcoal BBQ @ Wickes - £24.99

Oil drum Charcoal BBQ @ Wickes - £24.99

Found 6th Jul 2012
As BBQ season is upon us I have been looking at replaving my outdoor gas BBQ for a drum type, it is big but at £25 down from £50 it represents a good buy.

I had a look at the one Instore and it is large, but felt sturdy, if anything it looks a little industrial but it's only a BBQ!
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Thanks for posting, have added a pic for you
Thanks, posted off the iPad so it wouldn't let me...
I've had one for years, great BBQ!!

Thanks OP
Quality of the one we had was dire, first use the paint peeled of, buckled etc...
I love mine. It's been sat in the rain for years and always ready on that one day in May we get a bit of sun!
"As BBQ season is upon us"

I hope that thing has a plug on the bottom to drain the water out of it
Just picket mine, I did call to reserve but they had no knowledge of this :(.

Blackpool store has plenty of stock!
Chilwell/Nottingham had about 10 in!
Picked mine up today
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Bought mine today and assembled it. If you believe the forecast, should be BBQ weather by Friday. I couldn't wait until then and did the first grill on it tonight, in part rain. Don't you just love our summer? Results were amazing.

I have put together many a barbecue, and usually buy a new one every year. I can say, without any hesitation, this is the best I've ever used/assembled. It feels like it was actually worth £50, as though the discount is genuine. Quality materials, sturdy construction, and excellent design. Nice steady heat. Easy to adjust cooking height. Feels very solid and well thought out, right down to the heat shield on the handle. The one from Argos hotukdeals.com/dea…254 went 200 plus degrees, and looks inferior to this (no adjustability, etc.). It doesn't have a lid, but anyone who knows how to BBQ properly knows you don't need one. If you want to cook something slowly, keep it further from the flame (rather than cooking with a lid on which increases smoke levels and can even extinguish combustion).
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