Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ with Cover £39.99 Free R&C @ Argos

Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ with Cover £39.99 Free R&C @ Argos

Found 3rd Jun 2015
Better than half price, Seems like a decent price for a BBQ of this size and has some very good reviews

Our Oil Drum Charcoal Barbecue has a hinged lid which is perfect for controlling temperatures when cooking. The cooking grill is chrome plated and there's a warming rack to keep cooked food warm without over doing it. A cover is included for protecting your barbecue all year round and there are wheels for easy transportation.

Constructed from steel.
Warming rack.
Overall size H90, W93, D64.5cm.
Size of cooking area 35 x 71cm.
Weight 12kg.
Packed flat.

* Please note item 2901499 has previously been on sale at 44.99.
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usual Argos over priced tat to make it look a bargain
I got this bin.. had it a year now and its a bargain.. thanks

usual Argos over priced tat to make it look a bargain

No, it's a good BBQ. Nice and solid construction. With the cover, it's a bargain.
Drum BBQ covers can hard to find. I have tried. Lol.
Had this bbq for 4 years now it's only just about had it and I got it on offer at the time for £59.99
was £49.99 in the spring/summer catalogue. Heat added
Is this the same BBQ that was on the Tesco Direct website for a similar price? I was considering buying it last week after seeing it on here but it's now oos, shame as I was going to boost my vouchers!
Awesome! Reserved one. Thanks
Do yourselves a favour and buy a Weber instead. It will last longer than a year.
Bought last week for £45 really good quality and easy to put together. Now just need nice weather to use it.
This is good quality for the price. Much better than my previous 50 quid jobby that i managed to get 4 years out of.
Bargain, I paid £50 last month.
Used this for a couple of years now without a problem. Great BBQ and very large, it can take a couple of bags of charcoal if you want a real big bbq. Mine still looks as good as new although I keep in the shed when not using it.
Bought for £45, well worth it, great bit of kit.
Very good BBQ.

I bought this last year and its still in perfect working order!

Make sure its covered in wet weather tho as it will rust.
Finally a real BBQ - heat- reminded me of this
Not proper oil drum. Cheap rubbish.
An actual oil drum is more effective
Good price for oil drum with lid, yes the cheaper end of the market but can the naysayers provide credible alternatives in the same price bracket?

Nice tight fitting cover (for a change) and so I was happy when I paid £50 for it.
anyone knows whether the HOME20 code will work on this?
I've had this BBQ for a good few years now and it's lived its whole life outdoors without a cover, it started to rust slightly so I painted it with rust paint and it's still going strong.

you will find the vents in the lower half of the drum at the sides will seize up and get smaller over time, it's worth getting a flat head screwdriver and widening them again to make sure sufficient airflow can get to the coal.

Good deal, heat added.
Ordered, thanks.
This is a it pants tbh.
The parts don't assemble correctly, the instructions differ from the items in the box also.
For example the lid hinge is wrong. It will go together but I give it a month until something breaks or the metal tears. Another example is the lid handle, holes are pre drilled about 18 cm apart but the handle ends are about 12cm apart.nothing a drill wouldn't fix but when I close the lid to suffocate flames too many holes will allow oxygen in and the flames will continue. There are also many other pre drilled holes which serve no purpose allowing air in.
I returned for full refund.
I'm going to stick with Webber I think. I bought mine in 1995 and it will last this summer... And maybe next?

anyone knows whether the HOME20 code will work on this?

Not sure if this will work, I tried it online and although it says code successfully applied, it is not reducing the price.
Really good BBQ for the money and looks great.
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