Oil Filled Radiator £35 @ Woolworths

Oil Filled Radiator £35 @ Woolworths

Found 6th Feb 2014
Keep the cold at bay with this great value Swan oil-filled radiator heater.

It's easily portable, so you can use it anywhere in your home, and overheat protection gives you peace of mind when you're out of the room.
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Be advised that these use a LOT of electricity.
I would disagree. They're much cheaper to run than gas and I reckon these would cost on average about 6 or 7 p per hour.
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2kw heater, 1kwh is say 14p, that's 28p per hour. I took the 28p per kw from British Gas website.
I pay 12p per kw at EDF and I'm assuming its not going to be on that high constantly as it has a thermostat I think 70% utilisation is a reasonable guess. Oh, thats at the 1.2 setting which mine is set at.
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