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Oil Radiator 1.5kW Energy Efficient - £30.59 with free collection @ Toolstation

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Need a simple and energy-efficient way to heat your room? This 1.5kW oil-filled radiator ticks all the boxes – because you only use electricity to heat the oil, the radiator will continue to give out heat once you’ve switched the power off, until the oil cools down.

There’s a choice of three heat settings along with an adjustable thermostat which makes it easy to find your preferred temperature level. It’s compact and lightweight too, with four castor wheels for easy moving between rooms. The radiator is far quieter to run than a fan heater, and there’s even built-in cable storage to keep everything tidy between uses.

• Choose from three heat settings

• Adjustable thermostat makes it easy to find your desired temperature

• Overheat protection for added safety and peace of mind

• Safety tip-over switch will turn heater off if it’s knocked over

• Power indicator light makes it easy to see when radiator is on

• Castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability from room to room

• Built-in power cord wrap keeps radiator neat and tidy between uses
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    Anyone know How much would this cost to run per hour?
    On full power about 75p an hour going by my electric rates
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    These are horrendously poor quality. I bought one and returned it as it was all dented and buckled at the bottom. Pretty sure all the oil had leaked out too. The metal is so flimsy you can actually bend it with your fingers.
    The weight alone of the product shows how little oil it contains, compare it to a de'longhi and it clearly contains very little oil which is the part which holds the heat.

    When I took it back the guy in my local told me they are a pile of and that they are coming back as quick as they are selling them.
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    Don't forget, unless you live in a uninsulated shed with a missing door and no glass in the windows, these heaters will cycle on/off to maintain whatever temp you set them at. So they'll use a lot less than 75p an hour on average.

    Unless you live in a shed of course....
    No different or more efficient to any other electrical heater then
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    “Energy efficient” is misleading tosh and OP would do well to take it out of the title - this is as efficient as any other electric heater, which is to say 100% efficient at converting (expensive) electricity to heat - but will of course distribute the heat differently and heat up and cool slower than a fan heater, so may suit some people’s needs better, and be a bit safer. But it won’t cost you any less than a cheapo fan heater for the heat it produces. (edited)
    It's more efficient than a fan heater?
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    I leave it on in my bedroom on setting 1 so 750w is available, then put the knob on 2. Pop it on timer to go on and off every 15 minutes until 10pm then 15 minutes every hour until 1pm then at 5:30 am it comes on for half an hour and every 15 minutes off and on until 7:30 then I'm off to work. That's how tight I am. It takes the edge off.
    You might actually be replicating what it does already by doing that as it goes on and off many times as the oil gets up to temperature and then cools.

    Majority of these type of radiators don’t put out their advertised rates, more like half to two thirds when on full power.

    You might be wise measuring power usage leaving it on for an hour and compare against what you’re doing as you might not see much difference in electricity usage. Non of these cheap oil filled radiator constantly use electricity.

    With you using a lower power it’s possible the heater might be able to be in continuous electricity use for 75% of the time, so maybe your 50% idea works out if you need a lower output, but like I say worth a punt. (edited)
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    How do you set a temperature on this? Seems a bit dumb to have a min and max range and three level options. That's a lot of guess work. Surely it would be better to set a temp and it regulates according to that?
    Yeah one dial sets the power output level, probably 500W, 1000W, 1500W. And the second dial sets the approximate room temperature (probably the oil temperature in reality). So you'd need a bit of trial and error to find your chosen settings
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    Would be around 51p per hour at full power... that's assuming you are paying 34p per kilowatt hour, which I think is the standard rate most are paying now. Always good to double check your tariff though... as I am about to do, seeing other answers. (edited)
    I have a similar one and it goes on and off all the time. If you just started it in a very cold room it would be close to 52p (1.5*35p), if the room is warm and radiator already hot (run earlier on) then it will be closer to 30p-ish.
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    Great price, nice deal @Redsthunder I've a similar one I use when I'm working at home alone to heat just one room, great job!
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    Of course a heater is energy efficient, any wasted energy would be lost as heat!
    Efficient? Your putting more in than you get out. Surely it is not effficient.
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    Got one of these and has been great all winter running on the thermostat
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    I have one of these and are really good. Exact model. No issues at all
    . Even once switched off it continues to keep the chill off the room for quite a while. Worth the £££ anyway in my opinion. Doesn't deserve the majority of the criticism I've read on here anyway. Cheers.
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    Glad to hear it's energy efficient -- I hate those inefficient electric heaters! No but srsly, a decent price for an oil-filled
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    The rates are usually about 75p an hour but it can be slightly more or less depending on your provider
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    Pretty sure they are not manufactured all buckled and bent at the bottom......" I'm not normally a praying man but if your up there and looking down listening ...please save me Superman*
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    Ordered. Thanks
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    I wonder if one of these would be cheaper to run than just the gas fire (only) in the front room?

    My last 4 weeks bill was £188 for gas and £120 for leccy

    In the last 12 months my gas unit price has gone up 325% and the leccy unit price just 115% !
    Surely the £188 cannot be just the gas fire?

    The answer is no, gas is cheaper for a given temperature as it 3 times cheaper per kWh. Yes gas fires are less efficient as some of its energy is being shunted outside via the chimney but it would have to only be 33% efficient to equal electric. So unless your fire is ancient it should be at the very least 50% efficient thus cheaper to run. Although an electric heater would be more controllable so you might be able to run at a lower heat output as it’s more consistent. But even so, doubt you’d come any closer than cost parity.