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Posted 28 November 2022

Oil Radiator 2kW £37.99 + free delivery/collection @ Toolstation

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A great value radiator that’ll heat up a fair sized room. Free collect and free delivery.
Best 2kW price I’ve seen and works well.

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Need a simple and energy-efficient way to heat your room? This 2kW oil-filled radiator ticks all the boxes – because you only use electricity to heat the oil, the radiator will continue to give out heat once you’ve switched the power off, until the oil cools down.

There’s a choice of three heat settings along with an adjustable thermostat which makes it easy to find your preferred temperature level. It’s compact and lightweight too, with four castor wheels for easy moving between rooms. The radiator is far quieter to run than a fan heater, and there’s even built-in cable storage to keep everything tidy between uses.

• Choose from three heat settings – 750W / 1250W / 2000W

• Adjustable thermostat makes it easy to find your desired temperature

• Overheat protection for added safety and peace of mind

• Safety tip-over switch will turn heater off if it’s knocked over

• Power indicator light makes it easy to see when radiator is on

• Castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability from room to room

• Built-in cable storage keeps radiator neat and tidy between uses

• Comes with 1.5m cable
Toolstation More details at Toolstation
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    Oil-filled heaters are generally cheaper to run due to better heat retention. Though they take longer to heat up, the can then change to ‘low’ power and use much less energy to maintain a warm temperature. Electric fan heaters lose their heat quickly, so need to stay on a higher power to keep the temperature high.
    Absolute nonsense. They’re no more energy efficient than a basic fan heater.
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    A KW is 34p/h.

    These are 2KW - so each hour is 68p.

    If you keep one on for an hour per working day (~22 days per month), thats around £15 per month (0.68 x 22 days). Something else is causing your excessive usage.

    For me, I use it to heat my study so I dont have to turn the heating on for the whole house. It does its job well.
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    Handy if you have an overnight electricity tarrif. These usually stay warm for a few hours once they are up to temperature. I wouldn't recommend using one as 'regular' heating as it'll cost you a fortune (no different than a standard fan heater).
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    I have one of these I heat my sons room with on setting one, didn’t realise it was 750w on setting one which is good, I have it on a smart plug with schedule to go in a couple of times a night on my sons room, it fair hears his room up 🏻
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    Claiming it's energy efficient is misleading. It's no more or less effcient than any other 2KW heater. In fact it could be considered less efficient as it'll be outputing some of the heat after you leave the room or the thermostat has turned it off.
    That's interesting... If you turn it off, it will continue to radiate heat (so isn't that more effective)?
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    These don't put out any where near 2kW. They use 2kW until oil heats up, then they turn off, radiator cools, repeat.
    A 2kW convector or fan heater will heat the room much more quickly and put out a constant 2kW.
    However, these are generally better at maintaining a more steady temperature.
    SO they must be very unresposive then and take ages to heat a room. ANything with a thermostat should be capable of mintaining a steady temperature. A fan heater heats a room up quickly and then cuts out until the temperature drops again, maintaining it at tge set temperature. (edited)
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    They are selling the same at my local tesco, same price. I have bought 2 whilst waiting fir a power cut to be restored - absolute rubbish. Will maybe heat a box room if your lucky.
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    If you had it on full power (2kw) for 1 hour per day for 30 days, it would cost £20.40 (@ 34p/KWH.)
    It'd actually cost less as it wouldn't take an hour to heat the oil up to temperature, at which point the power consumption would drop to just top up the heat of the oil
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    This is the normal price.

    I think there's one for a little less without the thermostat.
    Well that’s helpful!
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    Bought this recently, seems to heat up quite quickly and gives out considerable heat. The bedroom over the garage always seems colder than the others and this has been quite effective in remedying that
    You might want to insulate above the garage.
  11. Avatar
    I've got this one, it's ok. Warms up quick but doesn't spread as well as the other Delonghi it replaced and the heat retention is nowhere near as good as that was. I suppose that is what the extra goes towards and not just a label/brand.
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    1 comment in 4 years and it’s that?!
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    Just stop oil radiators, I'm starting a movement
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    Have a listen to the 'Sliced Bread' podcast. They compare all the different t varieties of heater and explain which one is best even when the power is the same.
    So can you tell us which one is best?
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    These electric rads always mislead people. You are not getting "free" heat from the heated oil. It's no more or less efficient at raising room temp than any other electric heater. They're all expensive to run, you're looking at around 60p per hour to run this thing at 2kW.
    I worry people think this is cheaper than gas central heating, it's not.
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    A discraceful reality that this whole discussion is necessary at all in the UK in 2022.
    Well whole world
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    Why not a fan heater for a tenner... Instant heat.. On a smart plug.. Ideal
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    I thought these were far more expensive than central heating?
    I think they are about 35-70p an hour, heating my whole house would be about £2/3 an hour
  19. Avatar
    I always see people say that the central heating is more efficient/costs less than using an electric radiator, but I guess that is like-for-like, ie trying to heat every room with an electric heater.

    I wonder how much cheaper it is to isolate to a couple of rooms, keep the CH off and just use a couple of these?
    The benefit of an oil radiator is that it is very easy to determine how the maximum it will cost to run for a certain time period. This one will cost 68p per hour,

    If you have a 24kw gas boiler running for one hour it could cost £2.40 but in reality, it might be less than that based on many different factors.

    I think if you are trying to heat one or two rooms, oil radiators can save you money. Any more than that and it's probably better to used gas central heating.
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    Received mine today, kicks the heat out.
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    There are alright, personally cpc had some good price ones a 9 fin one, and they were black, and did look far better if that's an issue, that was a few months ago, but always an half decent shop, either way, it won't be cheap to run them, and I wouldn't bother with a timer, but that's me, but handy to take the chill off the air in a back bedroom type location. (edited)
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    I've just bought 2 from wickes. Come with timer. Best oil filled radiator for money. I've been through a few before. £47. If you have trade it's 10% off.
    Bought the same one a week ago it's been quite impressive and a lot cheaper to run than I thought
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    Does it have wifi ? Can it stream live room video for spying ? no, no. So no.
  24. Avatar
    £82 quid a month for just running 4 hours a day.
  25. Avatar
    Shame its not black
  26. Avatar
    No delivery option ;x
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