Okami £9 instore at Asda

Okami £9 instore at Asda

Found 6th Mar 2009Made hot 6th Mar 2009
Browsing the games in Asda at middlesbrough , they had Okami for the Wii for £9
also command and conquer red alert , dead space for the xbox 360 at £19 each


awesome game and VERY cheap, voted hot!!

If any gamer has not yet played Okami and has a Wii or a PS2 just buy a copy, especially if you can get it for £9 or less. Hot from me, a fantastic Wii game (not many of those!) for £9.

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I have the game already paid around £30 for it so £9 is a bargain ,Asda had loads of games on sale including ds and 360 games as well ,mirrors edge was £13 .The wife bought samba de amigo for the kids for £14 which is dearer that it has been available at other stores

£12 at my local asda earlier today in same region

wasnt on offer on smithdown road asda Liverpool unfortunately

Good deal - voted hot!

My local sainsburys are doing red alert 3 for £20 if ppl can't get it for £19 in ASDA:thumbsup:

Bargain especially seeing as the south bank one is usually ****

Paid £13 for this in asda a few weeks ago after it was posted on here only just started but as I get to grips with it I'm begining to see why it gets such good reviews.

A bargain.

A great game on the Wii, got it at £11 in December and it's well worth it.

Got it tonight (07/03) in Asda Small Heath - voted hot!
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