Okami (Nintendo Wii) with exclusive packaging £10.99 delivered @ HMV
Okami (Nintendo Wii) with exclusive packaging £10.99 delivered @ HMV

Okami (Nintendo Wii) with exclusive packaging £10.99 delivered @ HMV

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The multi award-winning Okami is poised to move on to the Wii. Based on rich and varied Japanese mythology, Okami combines the all action gameplay of the Wii with the most unique and visually stunning game world and characters.

Play as the wolf incarnation of the Japanese sun god, Ameratsu, and channel your divine power through the mighty celestial paintbrush to restore beauty and order to a bleak world overrun by evil. Fight against powerful enemies, use the Wii Remote to slash through wood, rock and demon foe. You'll also need to be smart enough to solve puzzles and create images in the game world that will come to life to assist you in your quests.

Amaterasu, the God: Combining awesome destructive and restorative powers, you must use all of Amaterasu's abilities to defeat the demons and heal the lands. Fight enemies with tooth and claw in thrilling action sequences, as well as using the divine "Celestial Brush" to set fire to enemies, then bring nature back to life and transform the world.
Transform the World: Use your Celestial Brush to transform the world around you. Pause time and literally paint on the screen, then see the results of your powers. Repair a bridge you need to cross, bring trees back to life or use your powers to slice enemies in half and set fields on fire.
Transform Yourself: As you move through the world, restoring nature and helping your worshippers, you'll gain new divine powers and Praise Orbs. Use these to boost Amaterasu's powers - buy new weapons, strengthen Celestial Brush powers or heal wounds - the choice is yours.
Holy Artefacts, Magical Weapons: Use a wide array of magical weapons from close-range swords, including the legendary Blade Of Kusanagi, to long-range magatama beads, as well as divine instruments and holy artefacts to boost Amaterasu's divine powers even further.
A Living Land: A massive and detailed land that lives and breathes. Explore its vast valleys, high mountains and deep dungeons. Restore nature and see the land blossom. The land and its people change over time - return at different hours to access different and secret quests.


Brilliant game, fantastic price. No excuses not to own it. Heat.

I ordered 1 minutes ago and is "awaiting stock location"

great price, finally bought


I ordered 1 minutes ago and is "awaiting stock location"

Normally means they are waiting to allocate your order then it should chnage status to "packing" then "despatched"

Overrated game imo still, worth the money.

Awsome, just bought

This is often likened to Zelda so I thought I would give it a go. Thanks!

good game, bad controls

Hot price

It is £22.99 now.

yeah, I just placed my order and the price shot up =(

yep, 22.99 it is now :-(

got my copy today.

unsealed and no exclusive packaging.

its going back...

Got mine today- sealed but no exclusive slipcover, have emailed them and am awaiting a response.

Said they can only refund me and not send on the case when it comes back into stock. Out of curiousity did anybody get the sleeve at £10.99?

Regular sleeve received. I can live with it - still a great game.

Got mine today and it was just the regular game (sealed), no exclusive sleeve Seems like they are pulling a fast one to me but its still a decent price for the game.
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