Okami Special Edition only £15 instore @HMV

Okami Special Edition only £15 instore @HMV

Found 2nd Sep 2008Made hot 2nd Sep 2008
part of january sales. finally picked up a copy and its epic (takes ages to start though)


Nice find Ally. Fantastic game at a good price. Great storyline and beautiful in-game graphics.
A couple of incredibly frustrating sections - but perhaps I'm just rubbish and they're not insurmountable.
n.b. music may drive your family nuts after hearing for 4 hours straight haha!

Rep. added :-)

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thanks. first rep ever!


thanks. first rep ever!

Not surprising as it was your first post ever! :-D
Have some rep for this one too, made me laugh!

PS Good game, good price, Hot

great game nice art style

Plus 7% quidco makes it even cheaper!

has the special edition got extra content or summin?

I think it's a slightly different box. Woop-de-doo. But a great price for this under-appreciated gem.

A great game on PS2 and I believe even better on Wii because of the controller.

Well worth this price.

Don't forget extra 10% off if you have a HMV student card.

Don't forget extra 10% off if you have a HMV student card.

boring game, different but very time cosuming - you get nowhere fast

I presume this still has IGN watermark on it.

FFS i just bought this about 2 weeks ago ready for my brothers Birthday when it was online at £30

(altho with my student discount it only came to £26.99 so not that much of a loss)

Good game, but if you have a PS2 i would recommend getting that version instead. The Wii controls arnt implemented very well and i personally prefer the PS2 graphics since the Wii version has the paper watermark removed.
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