Okiwi Bay sauvignon blanc £3.99 at Morrisons normally over £10 a bottle

Okiwi Bay sauvignon blanc £3.99 at Morrisons normally over £10 a bottle

Found 28th Jul 2009
Okay not sure what this is like but spotted it today this is a 2008 new zealand.A lightbodied dry crisp wine with typical marlbourgh flavours of gooseberry, passionfruit and grapefruit. A pleasing mineral note leads to a long lingering finish. Prefer rose myself but thought it worth a mention.


Got myself 18 bottles yesterday! Hot, Hot, Hot

Has anyone actually seen this at ten quid before. I'm having my doubts about these SB 'deals' that keep appearing. From what I understand there has been a glut of grapes in the current harvest and I was expecting prices to return to what they were a few years ago before SB became so popular. Seems to me we are just having a load of new label wines appearing with no track record at various supermarkets with various claims of being worth a tenner each...

Should have added hot on the off chance its a decent splash...

Its Dry and Crisp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh try Sarsons malt its cheaper

Well New Zealand sauvignon blanc is the best white wine in the world. It's got a head start on any other cheap wine even before you've tried it. Would like to know what someone thought after tasting it.

Hot deal!

I never tried a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, but this bottle was utterly disappointing, no lingering aftertaste at all, actually this suited me fine, because I did not like this unbalanced wine. The fact that Morissons claims that this wine has been previously sold for a tenner just proves how we are being taking for a ride, because for this amount of money you would really get a a better quality wine.I would not rate this wine at all, I rather prefer a glass of water
Personally I would stick with the French Loire wines or with the white Spanish wines of the Rueda.

this wine is fab fab fab and i know my wines well, if you dont like the taste of this you must be used to cheap wine and yes it was selling at over 10 pounds a bottle, as i used to buy it !!!

Anyone know of any stores within reach of Bristol area that actually have any stocks.? Have tried Weston and Cribbs but none there.
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