Olay Day Cream Moisturiser 20g £1 @ Poundland

Olay Day Cream Moisturiser 20g £1 @ Poundland

Found 19th Jan 2015
Olay Natural White All In One Fairness Day Cream 20g.

Lovely moisturiser, found in PoundLand in hammersmith and Shepherds Bush.
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Are fairness cream not harsh for tye skin:| still bargain op
Also in 99P stores
Oooh have to stock up. These lightening or fairness creams must be for the Asian market, as that's the sort of descriptions they use on their moisturisers

Was trying to find what the UV rating is, but can't find anything so far. Assuming this is the exact same product, here's a review: beautyfrontline.com/201…tml
Its spf24
Pound shop product are fake they import from china dont trust. They already show programme on channel about pound world product.

Pound shop product are fake they import from china dont trust. They … Pound shop product are fake they import from china dont trust. They already show programme on channel about pound world product.

Not sure about that! I know that Poundworld did stock fake Nintendo keyrings (I know this for sure as many eagle-eyed and more informed HUKDers pointed this out when I posted a Deal about them), but I don't think they sell fake, established brand goods.

The Dispatches Ch4 programme channel4.com/pro…and in question suggested that Poundland sometimes sell bargains that aren't always what they seem (eg, packets of sweets/biscuits that seem good value, but can be bought cheaper or in bigger sizes from rival supermarkets).

They did mention Stila makeup on sale in Poundland, but it was the genuine Stila range. Stila themselves said the stock was from eight years ago or so and questioned where Poundland sourced the items from. Personally I only ever bought the Stila pressed powder anyway, which has a long shelf-life, so I wasn't too alarmed.
Here's a more in depth feature about the Secrets Of Poundland programme and its findings. It mainly focussed on it's non-standard "value" pack sizes and comparisons on the High Street.

"In recent years the shrinking (at Poundland) has been quite severe. Back in 2007 shoppers would have got 10 packs of Quavers in a family bag for £1. This was reduced to seven packs last year, and shrunk further to five packs this year. Last year £1 got you 12 Kodak AA batteries; it is now 11. Toblerone, Cadbury chocolate fingers, Wotsit crisps - all have shrunk.

It also sells a number of popular items in non-standard sizes. For instance, a loaf of Warburton's sliced white bread for £1, which appears to be fantastic value until you realise it is a 600g loaf, rather than the 800g size, which has been the standard size for bread since the Victorian era. You can pick up two 800g Warburton loaves for £2 at Tesco this week.

Poundland point out that the size of the loaf is clearly printed on the packaging.

The company has various other canny marketing and packaging tricks to encourage shoppers to spend.

The most common of which is to shout very loudly on the packaging of goods that their customers are getting '50% extra free' or '60% extra free' or even '100% extra free'.

So, shoppers can pick up eight bars of two-finger Kit Kats for £1. This is sold with a large yellow banner around the multipack saying '5 plus 3 bars, 60% Extra free'. Asda is currently selling the same eight Kit Kats for £1, but without the '60% extra free' flash. And the supermarket describes them as 8 bars, not 5 plus 3.

Both are clearly labelled. Both are good value. But one is shouting about it, and the other isn't."

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Got a few from Trongate, Glasgow and used my £2 off £12 voucher, wahoo
The correct name for the Olay variety I bought is, "Even And Smooth Light Day Cream". From looking at the box, it's for the South African market, made in Thailand. The variety I have says Combo/Oily Skin on the front of the packet (may vary according to store, not sure).

The moisturiser's blurb says "Non-greasy, Trio-vitamin complex, B3, E & Pro-vitamin B5" and seems to suggest this cream is actually SPF15.

Maybe there's different varieties in Poundland.
I've bought they Olay face cream "Even And Smooth Light Day Cream". I tried it on 2 days ago in the evening, it felt smooth and not greasy, I really liked the feeling. Then I walked back home from the gym, had dinner and went to bed, so I didn't realise there was something wrong until the next day. I put some more in the morning and, by the time I got to the office. My colleague asked if I had gone to the gym or got to work running. I was surprised, and even shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror! I was hot pink and my face was very warm. It got worst during the entire day and, as I have a nice skin, I had no concealer or foundation to hide it. It was pretty embarrassing and my face felt weird. Luckily, today is back to normal, even if a bit sore.

I would highly advise NOT to buy this cream! It's terrible.
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