Old Bob £1.00 from ASDA
Old Bob £1.00 from ASDA

Old Bob £1.00 from ASDA

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I am quaffing a lovely bottle of Old Bob purchased from Asda today for the princely sum of one golden pound coin.


You should NOT submit posts like this when you are consuming quality ale. You may spill some. Please take note in future.
Excellent beer, keep quaffing!

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I shall pause the inbibition whilst I submit my next post of the Hen's tooth, but I felt wise to test the beer before submitting it. I would hate for people to purchase an inferior beverage just on the grounds of cost. Though I have seen a cheap bottle of meths I could submit.
Luckily being a skilled beer consumer I never spill the drink and heve realised that men can multi task when inebriated, hence the submission during inbibition. Isn't English a great language.:thumbsup:

Not tried old bob. Must pick some up if our local Asda has any.

However, the ale section in Swansea is dire so probably won't get it.

One of my best beers, great post going to stock up for Xmas.


Have a few others as well for a pound - Abbott Ale, Brakspear etc... All Good stuff...

Great Thank You

Cant find Old Bob on ASDA's website...? :?

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It is in the store. I never thought about buying it on line.
Of the beers in the current £1.00 offer I think this is my favourite.
I will be going back tomorrow to clear the shelves of this one.

Will probably not be Nationwide - so maybe worth mentioning what store you bought it from ....

Certainly never heard of Old Bob up here in Scotland.:p

old crap? that sure will make people buy it...

old crap?

That's what I heard someone say after they were shafted by old bob.


Cant find Old Bob on ASDA's website...? :?

There's some 'Old Nob' in the men's department :..... allegedly :roll:

Speckled Hen is on for a quid at my local ASDA also.

Nice to get a real ale deal!.

Makes change from the bulk lager offers!! :thumbsup:

p.s. My local asda been having alot of local bottled beers too - maybe nationwide?.

Old Bob is definitely is Brighton and Farnborough ASDA's as I partook of the £1 deal a couple of times. Also Gentleman Jack which is nice as well as the others mentioned above. Along with the sadly now ended) £1 Cobras in Tesco's, I am stocked for Christmas!

Good old Bob!

lovely, love it mixed with abbott for real head messing drink!

Local beer for local people! (Apologies to the league of gentlemen!)

Well it used to be when brewed in Essex before Greene King swallowed them up!

Glad to see the rest of the country is enjoying now too!

Surely if this is old bob, it should only cost a shilling not a pound.

Only managed to get three bottles!!!!!!
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