Old Jamaica - 1.5 Lt Extra Fiery Ginger Beer (not Light) for 49p at Home Bargains instore

Old Jamaica - 1.5 Lt Extra Fiery Ginger Beer (not Light) for 49p at Home Bargains instore

LocalFound 23rd Jan 2015
You don't find this an easy item to find any more, its not the regular and certainly not the very poor "light" version.

This is the Original D&G Extra Fiery Old Jamaica Ginger Beer . . . . Dated end of Feb.

Usually sells at £1.15 in the usual supermarkets or 2 for £2 but its hard to find this Extra Fiery version let alone get it for 49p.

This was in one of my local Home Bargains stores in Belfast so would expect it to be available nationwide.

Fantastic in a Dark and Stormy Cocktail and (courtesy of bucket, from another thread) surprisingly nice when mixed with Jager and loads of Ice.

Especially useful when those family members turn up for your Burns Night Weekend with their own Germolene, Plasters and small Fire Extinguishers . . . . add this to Tesco value scotch and and watch them party like its 1999
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Forgot to put Home Bargains in the Title, will try to amend.
I will have to look in my local stores in my bit of England. I have been disappointed in the Old Jamaica I've been buying over the last few years as it didn't seem to be anything like as vicious as I recall it. The current version seems to have had a lot of sugar added and a lot of the ginger heat taken out. Thanks for the heads up and maybe I'll be able to get some of the stuff I remember as proper ginger beer.

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Had this in Bootle new strand too. First ginger beer that I've had in ages that was actually peppery, reminds me of being a kid
Had the light in Peterhead store too
found testis own is better than this,certainly the sugar free variety
Have since checked two other local Home Bargains stores and was available in both as well - so should be nationwide.
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Found a few bottles locally and hope I'll be able to find a few more before they disappear from the shelves. The Extra Fiery is how I remember Old Jamaica used to taste. Every other brand on the market, including the usual Old Jamaica, is just a pale imitation. This one really bites.
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