Old Mout Cider 57p @ Tesco

Old Mout Cider 57p @ Tesco

Found 16th Nov 2015
Not a bad fruit cider, its no Thachers or Weston's but its cheaper than water ..


Which store? Hot hot hot

I'm off to tesco then!

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this was in Walsall in the random odds and sods of alcohol. maybe a wild goose hunt but worth a look if you're going t'shop

love these ciders will take a look tomorrow thanks

If they have this in my local, I'll buy the lot.
Lovely stuff.

"Thachers or Weston's"nah...its far better!

No in Hanley Stoke on Trent


Have you tried Old Jockstrap Cider?

wow quality hope you cleared them out

Fantastic price!

£2.29 or 3 for a fiver in Tesco express. Good if you can find , voted hot even though I could not get any myself!!

Why does nobody do Sour Mout or whatever it is called any more? It was advertised on here not long after I joned and I found some in my local B&M and Home Bargains, but can never find it now. That sour stuff was amazing!

This is just going to be local — probably a batch nearing BBD.

Got a bottle of this in the fridge. Not even tried it yet.

Just opened kiwi and lime. Tbh quite pleasant. Can really taste the kiwi.

Best cider ever!

Prefer Rekorderlig (especially the Winter variant that's currently available) but this is very nice & a good price. Heated.

Love this!

Shame it's not in any of my local stores

awsome. i cant stand cider but i love this stuff will check my local later

love this stuff. but alaska cider is nicer... still ill try to bag a few off these

Voted hot but I'm too tired to chase some geese today

Dickins Cider for the win

None in the Kidderminster Large store as I was passing through tonight. Picked 3 up for £5 though.
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