Oldboy DVD at HMV for £3.99

Oldboy DVD at HMV for £3.99

Found 20th Jan 2010Made hot 20th Jan 2010
Next cheapest is £5.98 at amazon.

A man who is held captive for fifteen years and whose wife is murdered is released suddenly and given money. He is asked to discover why he was held prisoner. If he finds the answer his kidnapper will kill himself. Korean dialogue with English subtitles.


good film, some clever ideas
supposed to be hard to find now according to soem thread but keeps cropping up so maybe in print again?

amazing film!!! Twisted but absolutely amazing!

Good movie ...... ending bit ... 'err'

Great film
picked up the trilogy of vengeance boxset a while ago but Oldboy is my favourite out of the 3

Fantastic film. Watch with subtitles, dubbing ruins it.

Saw it, screwed me up for a few days.

Beware if you don't like violence or the occasional gruesome moment. Having said that, this is a highly original, gripping film which is highly memorable.

Excellent film, have the whole triology and have to agree with NFS it's the best out of the three.

Mmmmm... fancy some seafood just now.

Dear Mr Echo;7607553

Mmmmm... fancy some seafood just now.

where does your daughter work?

best film i've ever seen! storyline, fight scenes, music all superb!
might better than the cliche storyline you see in Avatar...

One of the best foreign films ever made imo, only surpassed by Pan's Labyrinth

Have to agree with the others as well, definitely the best in the trilogy, all 3 are worth watching though :thumbsup:

A classic:-D

Incredible film.

jus seen ur avatar! U HAVE TASTE :P rep added haha

oh, and great deal!

love this film

Thanks, my OH wants to see this film :thumbsup:

i love the fighting scence in this movie where he wipes out like 20 men in a corridor all filmed in one shot...not thats something!!! that scene alone is worth the £3.99

I was expecting this film to gain more publicity as the remake approached. Somehow, I had missed out on the news that Speilberg would no longer be doing an Americanised version starring Will Smith due to complicated legal terms. Sometimes, the law produces the right result.

Worth it just for the 'hammer diagram' and follow through!


Best film in my life and hard struggle from a husband.

Great film, got this from HMV when it was £5.99 heat added.

the trilogy seems to sell for silly money but HMV seems to have all 3 seperate for the cheapest around

Lady Vengeance

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance

there also pretty cheap on blu-ray if you prefer

favourite film and i detest subtitles. heat added


the trilogy seems to sell for silly money but HMV seems to have all 3 … the trilogy seems to sell for silly money but HMV seems to have all 3 seperate for the cheapest aroundLady Vengeance]http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=491462&WT.mc_id=101689Sympathy For Mr Vengeance]http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=355469&WT.mc_id=101689there also pretty cheap on blu-ray if you prefer

If you can pick these up, do so. The other two are perhaps less friendly to the Western viewer, but they're the sort of films that will reward you if you sit through them. I was honestly considering turning 'Mr Vengeance off after about 2 hours of what seemed to be nothing, but I suddenly loved it when it was over.
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