Posted 26 February 2023

OLIGHT i3T EOS Pocket Torch - £15.96 sold by Guangdi Digital FB Amazon

£15.96£19.9920% off
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  • I’ve had my eye on this for a while - might jump at this price. Believe it or not this bullet point isn’t a copy and paste from Amazon.

  • Powerful Pocket Torch】Olight I3T EOS is a quite slim and powerful mini LED torch which fits your palm, pocket or key-ring. Powered by one standard single AAA battery while producing an output of 180 lumens.
  • ✅【Durable&Well Build Quality】ROBUST, lightweight Aircraft-grade aluminium housing, protection against the elements. It equipped with high performance CW LED and TIR optic lens which produce a soft and balanced beam for comfortable use.Quality machined aluminum body is impact and water resistant.
  • ✅【Integrated Tactical Tail Switch】It a convenient tail switch flashlight which can momentary on and quick mode switching (5/180 lumens).
  • ✅【Portable and Easy Carry Design】Double helix body knurling for unique style and solid grip. The dual direction pocket clip makes the I3T even more convenient for carrying in a pocket or attaching to a hat or strap,Barely know it is there with its lightweight and form factor.
  • ✅【What you will get】Olight i3T EOS Torch x 1, AAA Alkaline Battery x 1, Removable Metal Pocket Clip(on the torch), 100% Satisfy after-sales service . Olight's 5 Year Warranty.
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  1. rupert-hd's avatar
    21 minutes run time on high is just too little for me, I appreciate it’s a single aaa battery so you can’t expect too much , but 21 minutes won’t get me around the dog walk route. Still voted hot as it’s a good price, which is what should count. (edited)
  2. albertbigndaft's avatar
    If anyone’s got a time machine, I bought some of these back in December when they were £13.97. Good price, still. Also available in black
    omgpleasespamme's avatar
    Thanks but with the cost of energy being what it is it's not worth firing it up for such a little saving.

    Edit: Nevermind, me from the future just dropped off some batteries for me so I'll pop off and get it now. (edited)
  3. bobbitchin's avatar
    I got 21 minutes to go.....I got 21 minutes to go....thanks to So Solid Crew. Heat.
    rupert-hd's avatar
    This is the real comment right here, you brought some brightness to my Sunday morning:-)
  4. mccririck's avatar
    Think you'd be better getting a Convoy T3 on AliExpress from the Convoy Store.
  5. lumsdot's avatar
    any AAA torch is a waste of time. single AA is much better run time and only a bit bigger
    omgpleasespamme's avatar
    Personally I daily carry a Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 with a 14500 battery. Decent combination of power and battery life and if the battery ever dies unexpectedly on you just put an AA into it and the 14500 goes onto charge.
  6. neil_woods's avatar
    Not bad if you have prime access. But can generally get this cheaper from olight, but would need to buy something else to get free delivery.
  7. Affray's avatar
    I've been using one for a while, it's not bad for short journeys, and the moonlight mode (5lm) isn't too bad. I use a rechargeable aaa battery but the best part is the clip as you can use it in multiple directions. (edited)
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  9. Besford's avatar
    AAA - no thanks. I expect rechargeable torches at this sort of price these days.
    mccririck's avatar
    You do get rechargeable AAA cells.
  10. AgentBartonBones's avatar
    OLIGHT and Nitecore are two of the preferred flashlights used by law enforcement and security officers. Proven tested flashlights. Though, this is sometimes cheaper in black. Most people would not use on full power, though I know a few emergency crew who carry these on their key rings as EDC (every day carry).
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