Olive Oil Beauty 4 Step Cleansing with Bonus Hand Cream (50g) £44.99 @ Ideal World with FREE P&P Total £72 if items purchased individually
Olive Oil Beauty 4 Step Cleansing with Bonus Hand Cream (50g) £44.99 @ Ideal World with FREE P&P Total £72 if items purchased individually

Olive Oil Beauty 4 Step Cleansing with Bonus Hand Cream (50g) £44.99 @ Ideal World with FREE P&P Total £72 if items purchased individually

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DHC SKINCARE - Price on DHC website £49.50 plus £3.50 P&P (without handcream) - good price if you use DHC

In addition to using virgin olive oil as their signature skincare DHC combine the finest natural ingredients especially Asian botanicals with cutting edge scientific technology to produce a premium range of innovative skincare products.

DHC products are free from parabens, artificial fragrances and colorings. DHC products are simple yet effective, with nothing unnecessary that might harm the delicate balance of healthy skin. This makes nearly all our products suitable for all skin types, but especially well formulated for sensitive and mature skin

4-Step Skincare Ceremony:
Step 1: Deep Cleanse... Deep cleansing reaches deep into pores to eliminate stubborn dirt, impurities and make-up.
Step 2: Wash... A second cleanse will further remove the remaining surface dirt and impurities often left behind by everyday cleansers, leaving your skin exceptionally clean. The honey and olive oil ingredients help your skin retain moisture while cleansing.
Step 3: Tone... Toning helps your skin maintain a normal pH balance after washing, and encourages a healthy moisture level. It prepares your skin for moisturising.
Step 4: Moisturise... Moisturise as the final stage in your beauty regimen to condition your skin.

The entire regime takes just 10 minutes. When performed twice a day, youll notice the remarkable difference it will have on the appearance and texture of your skin.
1 x DHC Deep Cleanse 200ml
DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil contains a rich blend of hydrating olive oil and skin-loving vitamin E to moisturise as it cleanses Some of you might be gasping at the thought of using oil to clean skin, but believe us when we say that oil cleans oil its the best ingredient for dissolving oil-based foundations and colour cosmetics, as well as excess sebum (skin oil) Its unique water-soluble formula means that it rinses easily with water, leaving no residue behind Like all our skincare products, Deep Cleansing Oil is free from parabens and artificial fragrances and colourings, and is suitable for all skin types Olive oil - Emollient oil; helps protect, condition and seal in moisture Vitamin E -Used as a skin conditioner Rosemary oil -Extracted from the leaves of the plant; used for its toning and invigorating properties as well as for its refreshing natural scent 1 x DHC Mild Soap 90g
This conditioning cleanser contains olive oil and honeyIt creates a rich, generous lather something that Japanese women consider an important trait in a washing cleanserThanks to humectants olive oil and honey - ingredients that attract and retain moisture - it leaves skin thoroughly clean without feeling tight or dry Olive oil - Holds and provides moisture without clogging pores; high in vitamin EHoney - Has softening and moisturising effects on skin1 x DHC Mild Lotion 100ml
Blended with soothing cucumber juice to refresh, hydrate and condition your complexion Balances your skins pH, helping to avoid irritation Alcohol-free, so its not harsh or drying Cucumber juice - cools and soothes; also used for its moisture-binding properties
Glycerin - encourages the retention of moisture Tips:
To revive tired-looking eyes, soak two cotton pads with Mild Lotion and place over your eyes for 5-10 minutes Refresh skin further by placing your toner in the fridge and then applying to the skin for an ultimate cooling sensation 1 x DHC Olive Vigin Oil 30ml
100% pure certified organic virgin olive oilBursting with vitamins to help nurture and revitalise your complexionVirgin oilive oil - helps protect skin from drynessA lightweight texture that is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, it delivers and locks in moistureNot the same olive oil you'll find in your kitchen - DHC's Olive Virgin Oil is a superior grade oil that is pure and light; its colourless, odourless and flavourless thanks to a process of ultra-refinement in our Japanese laboratories to remove harmful, pore-clogging impurities

Plus you'll also receive a bonus Q10 Hand Cream (50g):
Hands can lose moisture when they are exposed to the drying effects of the sun and frequent washing. This moisture-rich hand cream is infused with the benefits of coenzyme Q10. Give your hands the care and attention they need and help to reveal soft, supple looking hands. Olive and meadowfoam oils hydrate.

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