Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera [5MP, 3 x Optical Zoom] - just £49.99 delivered !!
Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera [5MP, 3 x Optical Zoom] - just £49.99 delivered !!

Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera [5MP, 3 x Optical Zoom] - just £49.99 delivered !!

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Olympus FE110 Digital Camera [5MP, 3 x Optical Zoom] - just £49.99 delivered @ ebuyer !

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Description : With 5.0 million pixels, the FE-110 has the pixel power to promise crystal clear images. You can check out the snaps youve just taken clearly on the LCD screen and to make sure you pick the ideal exposure for each picture there are four scene modes to chose from including Portrait and Night scene. Making sure you dont miss any of the action the FE-110 features an optical zoom lens magnifying by x 2.8. And, so you can get up close and personal, the camera also has Super Macro technology, which enables pictures to be taken at close range, even from just 2cms away. For moving memories the FE-110 can record video footage too.


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Shame its AA Batteries....


Shame its AA Batteries....

That's a good thing



That's a good thing

A good thing?

Screen's too small. I won't go back anything less than 2.5 inches now.


A good thing?

Yes it's good


A good thing?

It certainly is. Rechargeable NiMh AA batteries are available at low cost, so it's easy to have spares ready. If you forget these, you can always raid another electronic gadget in an emergency! The higher-powered (2600 mah+) are relatively long lasting and do not need replacing very often.

The minus points of this camera are the small LCD screen, the industry 'standard' nowadays is at least 2.5", this only has around 1.5". The other point I personally do not like is the lack of an optical viewfinder; in bright light, with such a small screen, composition can be difficult.

This camera also has slower than average shutter delay, so don't purchase if you intend to take photos of moving subjects on a regular basis.

All in all though, for the price it's much better than many models with similar features.

Are these new or refurbs? Ebuyer has supplied refurbs in a few offers posted here, without mentioning this in the adverts :whistling:

I suspect they're either refurbs or unsold stock from high-street stores, as its an old model (2005). Probably also the case with most of the other £60ish cameras they're selling (a friend bought a Cybershot S500 a couple of months back and it had photos on the internal memory of what looked suspiciously like the inside of Dixon's! Was in the original box though, with a paper 'security seal' attached).

I've a couple of AA powered cameras and I found the batteries don't really last to long.

Maybe a bad experience with the older generation of digi cam?

AA batteries is definately a good thing, mine last a while in my camera I have 3 sets of recharchable so always have spare ready just incase


I've a couple of AA powered cameras and I found the batteries don't … I've a couple of AA powered cameras and I found the batteries don't really last to long.

You need some eneloops... ;-)

Good price Edi....shame as I just got a N95 which also has a 5MP camera 8-)

none in stock :-(

I had this camera and promptly sold it. Awful shutter delay and motion blur. It wasn't worth it for me a year ago at £99.99 when I bought it. Spend a bit more and get something better.

amazon buyer review terrible

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Power hungry, 28 Feb 2007
By puffin26 - See all my reviews

I bought the FE 110 last year and it was my first digital camera and I was tempted by the 5 mega pixels.

Using it regularly I've found several faults with the model, first and foremost is how much power it gobbles up, rechargeable batteries are a must if you buy this.

Also no sound on the movie facility is ridiculous. Added to this is how slow it is between taking pictures and even between capture and picture.

i would say steer clear.

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Good camera but...., 7 May 2006
By Mr. Andrew Parker "andy_p_" (West Yorkshire) - See all my reviews

This camera represents fairly good quality for an affordable price. It takes good quality pictures as you would expect from a 5MP camera. However there are some niggling issues with it. The zoom, whilst optical is only 3x and the camera takes a while to get ready for the next picture to be taken. It also takes 2 regular AA batteries and I would have appreciated a rechargeable battery instead. The major gripe I have with this camera is it's movie function. You can't use the flash with the movie (although this is fair enough), you can't zoom in or out either and for me the fact that there is no way of recording sound either is shocking. In my opinion, the ability to make a movie without sound has limited uses. Even phones now have this facility-why not a camera. I do not want to shoot movies in balck and white and set them to a musical score played on a piano-I want to hear voices.
So it is an affordable introduction to digital photography but the camera does have some faults that are too big to be ignored
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