Olympus FE-170 6mp digital camera £86.10 inc postage
Olympus FE-170 6mp digital camera  £86.10 inc postage

Olympus FE-170 6mp digital camera £86.10 inc postage

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Technical information sheet of FE-170
The never-ending pursuit of Olympus to make the pleasures of digital photography available to one and all has resulted in two easy to use yet extremely high on performance models: FE-170 et le FE-180.

Irrespective of your level in photography, the FE-170 helps you click good quality pictures thanks to its one button, one function concept that has user-friendliness and ease of use as its priority. It has one of the most intuitive usages. Thus, thanks to the FE-170 , you can now click splendid pictures which can later become superb paper photographs when you connect your FE-170 to a photo printer!

You can click good quality pictures with precise and sharp details thanks to its 3x zoom optic and 6 million pixels sensor. The diagonal 2.5 big screen enables you to easily aim and efficiently control your work. In the same way, the ISO sensibility goes up to 1000 and thus enables you to click clear and sharp pictures.

In order to make the camera even more user-friendly, several scene modes have been incorporated that enable you to quickly and easily modify the shot parameters as per the ambient situation. The FE-170 is the ideal camera for the entire family.

Type Type Compact camera There are 3 types of digital camera:
- Compact cameras: great design, easy to use, light.
- SLR cameras: high quality, excellent visual system, many manual settings, interchangeable objectives
- Bridge cameras: Close to SLR cameras, fixed objective lens, electronic viewfinder, optical zoom

Pixels CCD 1/2.5" of 6.2 Megapixels (6 effective) CCD Sensor
RVB Primary Colour Filter

A sensor allows for a digital (pixel by pixel) representation of an image; therefore, the higher the number of pixels, the more an image can be enlarged without losing in quality.
Resolution (in pixels) 2816 x 2112 The resolution indicates the maximum number of pixels (no. of horizontal pixels X no. of vertical pixels) that the CCD sensor can record. The higher the resolution, the larger the file size will be.
Optical Optical Viewfinder None This is a viewing system used by photographers for shooting. Generally, it consists of an optical viewfinder (for compact and SLR cameras), but can also work with an electronic viewfinder (for bridge cameras). Some compacts do not have viewfinders; therefore, an LCD screen can be used for viewing.
LCD display 2.5" (6.4 cm) LCD Screen- 154.000 pixels
The LCD screen is a monitor at the back of the camera that allows you to view your subject while you are shooting. Some screens rotate for easier use.
Macro Distance 5 cm This determines the minimum adjustment distance in macro-photography mode (close-up photography).
Normal Distance from 10 cm to infinity This determines the minimum adjustment distance in normal mode (generally wide-angled).
Optical Zoom 3 x
Optic construction: 6 lens in 5 groups
The optical zoom indicates the lens' maximum optical enlargement value possible. The greater the value, the more the camera can zoom in on a subject. Unlike a digital zoom, this type of zoom is obtained using the internal optical lenses and entails no loss in quality.
Digital Zoom 4 x The digital zoom simulates an optical zoom by interpolation of the central zone of an image. Warning: this is an electronic zoom and entails some loss in image quality.
ISO range ISO auto: 64 - 400 The ISO range allows you to select the sensitivity of the CCD sensor. The higher the value, the greater the sensitivity and, therefore, the better the photo quality in poor lighting conditions without using a flash.
Aperture and Shutter Speed f/3.1-5.9 -from 1/1200 to 4 s
The aperture controls the amount of light reaching the CCD sensor. The smaller the aperture, the greater the value of the amount of light. The shutter speed controls the exposure time of the sensor. The faster the speed, the less luminous the photo will be; however, the image will be sharp.
Flash (built-in) Built in flash
Flash modes: auto, anti-red eye reduction, forced.
Flash range: from 0.2 m to 4 m(wide-angle); from 0.6 to 2.1 m (tele)
The flash compensates for a lack of light by producing a flash of light at exposure. Different types of flash produce different results.
Storage Image formats JPEG The image format indicates the formats that the camera is compatible with. The most common compression format is JPEG. The TIFF format is the best quality compression for large files. The RAW format retains the original format of an image.
Memory Card Type Card Types compatible with each camera
Included Memory Card No Size of card supplied with camera
Internal Memory 10 MB Some cameras have an internal memory and can, therefore, work without a memory card. The larger the size of a memory card, the greater the number of photos that can be stored.
Video Video mode Yes, without sound Some cameras can record video footage (with or without sound) as well as photos. SLR cameras do not have such a function.
Video Sequence 320 x 240 à 15 images/sec. without sound This value indicates the maximum resolution and the number of images per second during recording.
TV Output Yes This kind of output allows you to connect your camera to a television
Webcam No Indicates whether or not a camera can be connected to a computer to be used as a webcam.
Computer InterFace Port USB 2.0
This indicates the type of connection for transferring files to a computer. USB 2.0 give a greater transfer rate than USB 1.0
Wireless function No This indicates whether or not the camera has wireless capabilities (for file transfers, for example). This could be in the form of a remote control, or WiFi or Bluetooth technologies.
Compatibility PC and Mac This indicates which operating systems the camera is compatible with.
Included software Olympus Master
Extras Power sources 2 AA batteries
2 AA rechargeable batteries : 500 photos autonomy
This indicates the power supply for your camera. Warning: these elements are not necessarily shipped with the camera.
Other features 10 scene modes: indoor, candle, autoportrait, sunset, fireworks, glass, cuisine, documents, action Describes other important functions of the camera.
Size 90 x 62.5 x 30.5 mm

Weight (in grams) 124
Included accessories 2 AA batteries,, CB-USB4 USB cable, CB-VC1 A/V cable, strap

Internal menus German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Czec

Instructions included English, french, german, spanish
Downloadable manual (1 download available in a language of your choice after purchase ): Greek, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish


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