Olympus FE370 Silver Digital Camera £81 delivered @ Halfcost

Olympus FE370 Silver Digital Camera £81 delivered @ Halfcost

Found 12th Feb 2010
Use code ff15 to get this price. Only 4 left in stock. Perfect stock not refurbished.
8.0 million pixels. 5x optical zoom. Large 6.9cm/2.7" LCD. Intelligent auto mode. Face detection. Dual image stabilisation. Perfect shot preview. In-camera help guide. 17 scene modes.


Seems a good price if you are you more concerned with your zoom than your pixels, 8 mega pixels is more than enough for most I'm sure assuming everything else is of reasonable quality.

I had an olympus camera and I wouldnt buy another one, the shutter lag is absolutely terrible. The camera I had was also prone to blurryness as a slight move in the camera would cause bad bad effects.

Maybe they have improved the cameras, thats just my input

i had the model down from this it was great...would highly recommend olympus, great optics as well for the money.
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