Olympus FMD200PS - Eye Trek Video Glasses Tft Screen - £99.99 not incl. delivery - 1 left

Olympus FMD200PS - Eye Trek Video Glasses Tft Screen - £99.99 not incl. delivery - 1 left

Found 19th Apr 2007
Clearance item - RRP is 299.99, empire selling non clearance stock for 241.99 - only 1 left.

not really my cup of tea but i'm sure it's someone's.

* Eye-Trek FMD-200 stands for immediate experience of totally new dimension in gaming an watching movies
* It is connectable to every conventional video source, such as TV, VCR, SAT, camcorder, DVD
and also game consoles
* 180,000 pixels LC Display
* Viewing angle horizontal/vertical 300 / 230
* Image diagonal virtual 1.30m (52")
* Picture Ratio 4:3
* Headphones Stereo
* Video Signal Format PAL
* Input Video Signal
* Composite Video (Chinch/Euro Scart)
* Power Consumption 3W (DC)
* AC voltage/frequency 100-240V
* Compatible with Sender-Receiver System
* Video glasses with integrated headphones
* Control unit
* AV cable
* AC cable
* Euroconnector
* 3 Cinch-Adapter
* Ear pads
* Users manual

1 Year Parts Guarantee

1 Year Labour Guarantee
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I had a pair of these a couple of year ago - for that price its not a bad buy.......
These things kick arse I got these and have had them for quite a few years.
I wouldn't even buy these for £60. They do your eyes in something chronic.
I had a pair a couple of years ago and sold them on eBay. Imagine playing Doom 1.0 on a P75 for three hours straight. You had no co-ordination because the image was so blocky when near walls. The feeling of nausia caused is equivilent to using these for 15mins. After watching a 90min movie, you would probably want to run into the bathroom and throw up, or go to bed with the most almighty migraine.
I agree, these things really strain your eyes and are rubbish! The price isn't even that good I'm afraid.
i read somewhere that these things can cause permanant dammage to your eyes
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