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OLYMPUS OM-D EM1X CAMERA £950 at Harrison Cameras £950 @ Harrison Cameras

£950£1,79947% off
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Cheapest I've ever seen a brand new E-M1X. I love Micro Four Thirds for its computational features and small lenses; amazing for outdoor photography as they're basically bulletproof and have GPS etc. RRP is £1799, and you can sometimes find them between £1200-1450 or so in sales. This is a professional-level camera but it does have a lot of automation if you enable it, for amateur photographers.

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The E-M1X remains true to Olympus’ promise to design the most compact and lightweight camera system in its class whilst packed with the latest imaging technologies in a robust casing. With an integrated vertical grip, the E-M1X delivers that extra in secure holding and reliability many professionals were looking for. As the design is the same on both the vertical and horizontal grip, users enjoy the same intuitive hand movements in portrait and landscape format shooting.

Due to a cartridge insert system for two BLH-1 batteries (also used for the E-M1 Mark II) in the E-M1X, users can capture up to 2,580 images before having to recharge. Featuring USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) from up to 100 W power sources, both batteries in the camera body can be fully charged in approximately two hours.

With a new gyro sensor, Olympus has taken their acclaimed 5-axis sync IS to a new level offering up to 7.5 shutter speed steps of compensation1

The OM-D AF system has been completely redeveloped, offering additional focal points and a new intelligent subject detection function to automatically track certain subjects. The high-speed shooting capabilities have been enhanced and anti-flicker shooting has been added. Further improvements include a handheld High Res Shot, a live ND filter functionality as well as a customizable menu, USB powering & charging capabilities and two UHS II SD card slots. In combination with high-quality M.Zuiko lenses, a new wireless flash and the image management software “Olympus Workspace”, the E-M1X is the perfect tool to capture professional results.

Re-devloped autofocus system
The OM-D AF system has been completely re-developed for the E-M1X: building on the 121-point all-cross-type on-chip Phase Detection AF sensor from the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, the AF algorithm has been re-worked and dramatically improved. The E-M1X utilizes AF information from recorded images to enable quick tracking of unpredictable subject movements and changes in subject speed.

High speed performance and excellent image quality
Speed and image quality of the new E-M1X are fueled by a 20.4 MP Live MOS sensor with a new coating in order to deliver improved sensitivity as well as two TruPicVIII high-speed image processors improving fundamental performance factors such as start-up time and recovery time from sleep mode. The dual processor design not only contributes to a faster camera, but also allows the support of two high-speed UHS-II SD card slots and enables the latest shooting functions such as Handheld High Res Shot, Live ND, and Intelligent Subject Detection AF.

Movie capabilities
In addition to professional-quality photos, the new E-M1X is a master at movie-making. It features all the extras videographers need to capture moments as they happen. With the ultra-high Cinema 4K (C4K, 4096 x 2160) movie format, videographers not only have the highest recording resolution to date, but also more flexibility when it comes to postproduction.

The powerful 5-axis IS and electronic stabilization enable refined handheld 4K and C4K video recording with three selectable levels of movement compensation depending on the photographer’s posture and movement.

With the ultra-high Cinema 4K (C4K, 4096 x 2160) movie format, videographers not only have the highest recording resolution to date, but also more flexibility when it comes to postproduction.


  • Integrated Vertical Grip
  • Re-developed AF System
  • 20.4MP Live MOS Sensor
  • Dual TruPicVIII High Speed Image Processors
  • 50MP Handheld High Res Functionality
  • Live ND Feature
  • Integrated Field Sensors
  • Two UHS-II SD Card Slots
  • Includes Two Batteries in Innovative Cartridge System
  • USB Charging Capabilities

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  1. Avatar
    That's a good price, have some heat.

    If people interested in this camera aren't too concerned about buying pre-owned, Park have a few pre-owned E-M1 Mark iii with 6 months warranty and a 75 quid off voucher. Works out to be £784 after the voucher.

    Most of the features of the EM1X in a smaller body.
  2. Avatar
    Great deal! I can't really get behind the EM1X though, part of the fun of M43 is being able to travel light (when you want to).. but this camera removes that option. Good if you already have an em10 and want something to compliment I guess? Now give me this price for an OM-1....please
    It’s about the same size as an OM body with the optional battery grip( but way better ergonomics and button options). I still prefer to use it than my other OMD bodies if shooting wildlife or sports. I hope OM create something similar under the new brand as I love the handling.
  3. Avatar
    49176542-ebDsC.jpgI got this second-hand for 850, so new is a good deal. big camera but also has two batteries and two SD card slots.

    With macro and mirror lens
    49176542-1mc6k.jpg49176542-nwdJf.jpg (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Thankfully, it is no longer available. Saved £950 + an argument with the misses
    Same here, I’m half glad I missed out on this instead of justifying another camera turning up in the post!
  5. Avatar
    Excellent Price. Only seeing this tonight Thursday around 20:00. Was only saying two days ago that If I could find a price below One Grand I might Buy it. I got Two Em1 Mk2 cameras. So, Lo n behold I just Ordered it and paying in 3 monthly payments via PayPal..I Hope it is as Good as they Say.
  6. Avatar
    Please Santa, similar deal on 1dx3 / R3 😁
    I'm praying to baby Jesus that an R3 comes up.
  7. Avatar
    The current price of the OM1 has seriously impacted the E-M1X especially as it is now discontinued. A very capable camera as you rightly point out, especially for wildlife 🏻
  8. Avatar
    I know it's childish but that tiny sensor looks even more tiny on this body
    (heat added great price) (edited)
    Lol can't disagree
  9. Avatar
    This is a fantastic deal. Great camera body at an incredible price.
  10. Avatar
    Maaaan this is so awesome, alas, I found out on Christmas day that I'm now on the Nikon Z system
    How are you finding it?
  11. Avatar

    The built in grip also improves the weather sealing. Multiple YouTubers comment on how they'd take this camera out in the poring rain without any protection (using a compatible weather sealed lens, of course).

    It's a lot of camera for the money. I have the EM10 mk2 with me and thought I'll upgrade to the Sony A7 mk2 on the recent HotUKDeal on Amazon to experience 'full frame magic'. Now thinking of returning that and going for this, in terms of video, fast autofocus on moving subjects etc this will be in a different league but many reviewers do comment on the lackluster performance of M43 sensors compared to full frame in low light and ISO. I guess if you're into nature/ birding or sports photography this body will be a no-brainer.

    I used topaz Denoise AI to remove any noise at hi ISO. Even works well with my Nikon DX2 which is not good in low light but gives me satisfactory results. I'm not a pixel peeper since I'm sure modern cameras will have it beat at hi iso without noise reduction. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Now that is a chonker
    Lol it basically has a grip built in, which would normally be something professionals add on. By building it, there's less opportunity for the elects to cause an issue, and it allows two batteries to be used for huge battery life. Like I say, a pro system, but exceptional for anyone.
  13. Avatar
    3 year old tech perhaps this discount means a new model very soon.
  14. Avatar
    It NEVER said SOLD OUT when I ordered it. I've sent Harrison Brothers an e-mail today as I'm paying via PayPal with three payments.
  15. Avatar
    Seems to be more stock availability