Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera - quality compact at lowest Amazon price - £199.99

Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera - quality compact at lowest Amazon price - £199.99

Found 23rd Jul 2014
Top quality multi-award-winning compact camera, launched in 2012 @ £479 - now down to Amazon's lowest price yet of £199.99.

>> 1:1.8-2.5 super-bright, large aperture 4x wide i.ZUIKO digital zoom lens for superb image resolution.
>> 12.3 megapixel 1/1.7-inch high sensitivity back-lit CMOS sensor and the same TruePic VI image processor used in Olympus' top-end interchangeable lens OM-D camera


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If you really want to learn about photography before investing huge amounts, this camera will take you all the way there at relatively little cost.

Bought mine for £215 during the previous Amazon offer a few months ago. Still learning what it can do. So many settings to try out, though you don't have to. Okay, I confess that my best pics are still with the camera set in 'I-auto' (point and shoot) mode!! Still so much to learn . . .

Chunky, solid, obviously well made, always gets people commenting 'cos it looks (and is) a quality camera. Great lens gives amazingly pin sharp results. Touch screen allows smartphone-like intuitive use. Swivel on touchscreen very useful. 2 useful programmable function buttons. Worth buying the auto lens cap accessory with some of the money you save.

Stonkingly good value at this price!!

'always gets people commenting'

Is this supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?

Good reduction but surely worth paying a bit more for a Nex 3 or similar unless you really need it to be pocketable.

Cracking camera, had mine since Christmas as a carry around instead of my Pentax,it doesnt replace my K5 but its a lot lighter and still very capable.

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Its not far of the size of the OMD EM 10 but obviously with a smaller sensor. Pretty good reach with the zoom. Usual Olympus filters which can be fun but the biggy is that it shoots RAW as well as Jpeg and FULL manual control. Dont be put off by the menu it can be as simple or as complicated as you want depending on what your photographic intentions are. Recommended, and good price. Will mooch out some shots of Liverpool i took yesterday walking around.

As promised, shot in RAW processed in Lightroom


Again, a cracking little camera at a lot less than i paid for it and i thought i got a bargain.
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