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5KG Protien Powder £37.94 delivered @ Olympus health
Found 25th Oct 2016Found 25th Oct 2016
5KG of Protein Powder for £32.95 + £4.99 for delivery I am no way affiliated with the site and its not a deal its the always the price, I am putting it here because I have seen p… Read more

I don't see the negativity on the Soya Protien Isolate. I know certain people think it has to be pure Whey but there has been studies to show there is not much difference and for me it works. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson71.htm ...... says it better than I can


You get what you pay for... Make it work with your macros and it doesn't make much of a difference as long as you are meeting your own criteria consistently.


I got the Black Friday bundle 2 years ago with 5KG protein, BCAA's and Creatine for £17.99 - amazing deal, but got so sick of 1 flavour! Now I pay more for the privilege of switching up flavours and saving space. It's still a pretty good deal 5kg for £37


Ingredients ProXL Blend: Soya Protein Isolate Whey Protein Concentrate Calcium Caseinate Whey Protein Isolate Other Ingredients.........

Olympus Health Supplements Black Friday Sale
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
A good quality brand that is already very well priced is now having a massive Black Friday sale over the weekend and cutting even more off the price. Protein, BCAA and loads more o… Read more

No I run social media pages and YouTube channel about bodybuilding on a budget and will be posting deals on food and supplements I see and use


You joined to post this?


You fancy backing that up with some facts or is that just ur opinion??


OH protein is ****.


No spam! It's cut price quality supplements

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5kg protein £32.99 plus £4.95 del  @ OlympusHealth
Found 21st May 2015Found 21st May 2015
5kg protein for £32.99 cheapest around that I've heard of, can't pass judgement on the quality except excellent reviews on their website.
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unless you are competing in bodybuilding then this protein powder is more than acceptable.its a protein blend so its good for any time of the day..i use 5 kg a month on average and if you cant mix it i suggest you buy a new shaker or something because ive had around 2000 servings without a problem ...mixed in with allsorts ,water,milk,coffee,yogurt ,porridge...i think the taste is nice and highly recommend it https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.olympushealth.com


Have used it, buying it again, taste = ok, price = good, mixing = bit of effort, protein value = fine Not having a chemistry set and degree in molecular biology I tend to rely on research rather than rumour for my information. ie not "The knuckle heads at the gym told me." You may like to read this. ;) http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson71.htm


Got a few of these during the cheap bundle too. Chocolate was rank but the Toffee one is really nice, not grainy at all and tastes like Butterscotch Angel Delight!!!


I use The Protein Works. Great taste, mixes well and decent nutritional values. The price is okay as well, 500g is £8.99 above, you can check price/weight yourself - http://www.theproteinworks.com/whey-protein-80-concentrate-23624.html?___SID=U


I have to agree. Bought a couple of these when they where £17 and i can't even give the stuff away. Tastes bad and feels like drinking ash. Stick with Myprotein and wait for one of their deals

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Olympus Health Premium Protein PRO-XL 5kg (11lb) Refill Pouch £28.99 plus £4.95 p&p per item
Found 21st Jan 2015Found 21st Jan 2015
Good price for 5KG of Whey Not just whey! ProXL Blend: Soya Protein Isolate Whey Protein Concentrate Calcium Caseinate Whey Protein Isolate - GazmoX
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I asked the question here is the break down Joe, you're wrong. Forgive me for copy/pasting this, but I typed it earlier and it's simpler for me to paste it here: Ok, bear with me now, but please understand that if we are exact, we give our competitors the 'how to' on producing protein at this price, which is why we keep it quite close. Amino Acid, Per 100g Protein Isoleucine 4.05 Leucine 7.50 Lysine 6.27 Methionine 1.38 Phenylalanine 4.78 Threonine 3.45 Tryptophan 1.01 Valine 4.18 Alanine 3.88 Arginine 6.80 Aspartic Acid 10.94 Cysteine 1.40 Glutamic Acid 18.40 Glycine 9.82 Histidine 2.42 Proline 4.90 Serine 5.12 Tyrosine 3.70 The bulk of the glutamic acid and glycine is sourced from soy isolate, which shows that roughly (just under) 28% of the product is soy derived. That's the one everyone's worrying about, and it's less than 30% of the product – plus it will only have tiny amounts of flavanoids/phytoestrogens if any! I can't give the rest of the formula for the reasons stated, but contains more whey concentrate and isolate than people seem to imagine. I hope that helps. Rick


Yeah..............and there's plenty of smokers who will say that smoking isn't harmful.


Its nothing to do with the soy why the price is so low, its just a bad quality protein powder, spiked to the hilt with bcaas im guessing to up the "protein" content


Comment You're determined to keep your own spelling aren't u. Unless you're trying to write in an accent the word is 'of' , oh and 'their' rectifies 1 of the other blunders. Write it 100 times please...


90% off the worlds supply off Soy is genetically modified..with only 90 days science to prove its safety..courtesy off Monsanto and there corrupt mates in the whitehouse...this makes soy frankenstein food for our guts to deal with..good luck with Soy

Olympus Health 5kg protein with omega 3, BCAA, Creatine BLACK FRIDAY RRP-£60 £17.19 plus Delivery £4.95
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Olympus Health PRO-XL is a formulated blend of multiple protein sources from Whey Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Isolate and Soya Isolate to provide a high yielding protein h… Read more

If I was offered this for free, and free delivery, and I didn't want it, I'd put it on eBay for £20....... But thanks for your non justified negative remarks :D Rob


don't want it even for free including free shipping


Both my orders delivered....great deal, thanks op!


Also got this email. If this is actually true, then this is very decent of them. I got another email stating that the creatine tabs are OOS but will substitute with creatine ester.


Just got this.... Dear Customer, Wow Black Friday turned out to be an amazing day. Unfortunately, we made a mistake on the site and gave you a £42.99 bundle for £17.19. The guy that made the mistake is black and blue, I guess that’s why they call it Black Friday. We’re always true to our word, so our best ever deal is on its way to you. You won’t see this price again, but we do want you to enjoy the product, and remember to tell your friends! Yours sincerely Olympus Health

Olympus Health Premium Protein PRO-XL £29.99 plus £4.95 delivery
Found 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
Found this While searching for protein powder on Google. 5kg refill pouch.massive serving of 165 and 23g protein per scoop Specially designed re-seable pouch Suitable for vegetaria… Read more
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exactly, they are used to supplement your diet. say you are aiming to hit 200g of protein per day and you might only be hitting 170g through the day for whatever reason....thast when a shake can be used to supplement your intake. the same with carbs, if your aiming for 600g of carbs a day , for some people that can seem like a lot of potatoes and rice...........its much easier to drink 100g of carbs (in the form of malrodextorin etc) than eat 100g of carbs so yeh, shakes arent bro science!


thing with soy is its highly likely to be GMO sourced..and with Monsanto who manufacturer it..the science to prove safety was only 90 days...unless its guaranteed organic I also wouldn't touch it


Nope, protein shakes are a protein supplement, nothing else, they won't make you huge or skinny, they'll supplement your protein intake.


Fancy packaging & name do not make a good protein. They know this and probably just getting rid of ingredients cloaked in a fancy product. They'll sell to the young uns who don't know any better, job done


Protein shakes are bro-science as well as soy giving you boobs and a small cock. A healthy diet with protein every meal is sufficient.

OlympusHealth Premium Mass Gainer 5KG £33.94 @ Olympushealth
Found 4th Jun 2014Found 4th Jun 2014
OlympusHealth Premium Mass Gainer 5KG for only £28.99 plus £4.95 delivery Considering I pay £40 for 2KG off mass gainer from other retailers, this is a cracking deal. Yes, it may … Read more

you really posting this...everyone who's everyone knows about this..and it's not a deal it's always this price..search for this you will find it was first posted July 2012..nearly 2 years ago...no deal..

Protein 5kg only £32.99 or buy 2 for £29.99 each @ Olympus Health
Found 2nd Apr 2014Found 2nd Apr 2014
Spent couple of hours looking for the best deal...cause thinking about joining gym. Olympus Health PRO-XL is a formulated mixture of several protein sources from whey concentrate,… Read more

while i agree this offer is pants-- I disagree with your post - utter poppycock bro !


Stay away from soy unless you want gyno.


My diet is great already Josh, but thank you. Will need some protein cause I eat lots of veg and fruits mate..not getting a lot from it. And I probably shoud have said - rejoining


Buying protein because you're thinking of joining a gym? Think you should have joined the gym and looked at your diet first. Also this mostly soy protein, so not good value.


Contains Soy, no mention of %'s either, avoid personally. It's cheap because it's full of cheap stuff like soy.

Olympus Health Premium Protein PRO-XL 5kg (11lb) Olympus Health Premium Protein PRO-XL 5kg (11lb)  £32.99 +  P+P
Found 16th Feb 2014Found 16th Feb 2014
Very reasonable price bought strawberries and cream it tasted quite nice.

Soy is linked to increased oestrogen, which is the opposite of what you want to build mass. I'm not saying it'll give you ovaries, but if you're that serious about training that you can't consume enough protein through your diet to hit your macros, then why would you go to the effort of supplementing yourself with something that will hinder progress? Affterall, this is for that exact reason, to supplement what you're already consuming, this isn't a miracle in a bucket. The company who manufacture it got questioned by various different bodyduilding commutities, and avoided answering questions about exactly what was in it, which would indicate an inferior product. Why would you not want to boast about how good your product was, especially if you're taking a pop at the bulk providers out there? Eventually they gave in and confirmed it was soy protein, therefore much cheaper to buy in/produce, hence their reduced price on 5kg.


What's wrong with soy and why is it so hated? IS there that much of a difference between the two?


I still don't get it. protein is protein...


Amount of protein per serving is irrelavant. It's soy, absolute garbage. Your better getting less protein per serving but decent quality. Complete waste of money.


Good stuff. . I'm on my 6th tub. . mixes really well. .25g of protein per one scoop. .

Olympus 5KG Protein - 29.99 + £4.95 P&P @ Olympushealth
Found 3rd Oct 2013Found 3rd Oct 2013
Just came across this deal. Haven t used the brand before but just putting my order through. I thought it would be mostly carbs but the values seem to be pretty good. Nutritional… Read more
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now £36.99


which flavour do you tried? The reviews said the taste is okay.


awfully tasting... even cheap myprotein tastes wayyy better.. would not recommend.


Come on Man, this myth destroyed a few years ago :)


It doesn't. http://blogs.webmd.com/healthy-recipe-doctor/2011/03/four-soy-food-myths-exposed.html

Olympus Health premium protein PRO-XL 5KG £29.99DEL @OLYMPUS HEALTH
Found 6th Aug 2013Found 6th Aug 2013
found you can get 5kg of premium protein for 29.99 delivered if paying by paypal, didnt complete fully at checkout, think if you pay by anything other than paypal there may be a d… Read more
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On a budget the best Ull get . I've had 4 tubs and it does exactly the same as any other protein as far as I can see . I add myprotein oats to a shake sometimes for added carbs £45 for 5kg protein and 5kg oats can't b bad!


How does this compare to premium brand?


What kind of a name is lucifer wtf


10 points for being the only intelligent poster (apart from me)


on these cheaper brands they bulk out with majority soya protein... if they dont give you a percentage of where the protein comes from worth avoiding unless on a budget