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Omega Paw Roll'n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box Regular - £29.99 @ Amazon

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This unique and innovative self cleaning litter box, is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3. It uses no electricity, expensive filters or liners. It has no mechanical parts to malfunction. How does it work? Simply roll the litter box onto it's top, and roll back to the up-right position. Remove the tray and dispose of the waste! The unique patented grate inside the Roll 'n Clean scoops out the clumped waste depositing it into the pull-out tray. For fast, easy cleaning, use the Roll 'n Clean Litter box
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    Nothing better than a sifting tray and wood pellets. Tried em all and that's the cheapest as well as cleanest with no smell.

    Pellets turn to sawdust which you soft out the bottom and dispose of every other day. Just add to wood pellets as the go down so no need to change at all

    This is what I got, it's purpose built for wood pellets. Work better than the pets at home one as the pets at home one the holes can be too big and pellets just fall through. (edited)
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    Just get a cat flap then the cats go outside and do it there
    People with outdoor cats wouldn't be buying one of these anyhow. This is for people who value a cats life. I am between 2 busy roads with m62 200 yards away too so he wouldn't last a few days.
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    So the wee saturated stuff gets mixed with the fresh pellets? If I didn't scoop out the damp stuff it stinks
    Well surely the clumping litter when it gets wet forms clumps, so it would be caught in the back and you can then bin that and the other bits?
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    We had one of these. My husband took it to the tip in a fit of rage. He said it just didn't work. Wee still stuck litter to the base, and there was a ledge that the litter sat on when you tipped it over so it didn't empty properly. It must have been bad because this was a while ago - I just asked him about it and he's still angry now about how rubbish it was 😄

    (He is quite a calm person usually btw.) (edited)
    I can imagine it’s a nightmare if you use clumping litter, plus cats usually bury their mess too- it doesn’t just sit on the top like in the photo…
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    I'd be a bit wary. The most recent reviews don't reassure.

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    According to Amazon, the average price paid by customers was £52.99, 12 quid more expensive than the highest ever price...
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    Do you roll it while the cats inside?

    I should actually ask can I do this while the cats inside?
    You can do. Not sure your cat will appreciate it though
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    Roll? :/ (edited)
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    I heard Karl Pilkington had one of these installed in his bathroom.
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    I have this and it’s the best litter box we’ve had. One roll a day
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    awesome thanks always wanted one.... now is it more the cats christmas prezzie or mine??
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    Good deal.. heat from me..!!
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    In what way is it self-cleaning ?
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    Still too much effort for me. There must be an easier way?
    There is, but the smart litter starts from £300+

    Yesterday was additional £80 off the price but due to lack of reviews I passed that deal.