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Free Xperia Z3 compact on 02. 4G contract for 24 months @ £18pm. 500 minutes, unl texts, 500mb. total cost £432.00. Possible £27.27 TCB, £45 quidco
Found 22nd Nov 2014Found 22nd Nov 2014
I just took the full size Z3 offer. The deal I took was for an unbranded, unlocked phone. arrived in 2 days and topcashback paid out within 10 days. Link for green http://www.omi… Read more
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You can get this phone for £289.99 on O2 Refresh today - check out the hot deal someone else posted.


Codes not working now, just when i find what the right deal. Any other codes work?


No - you are tied to a 24 month contract. O2 Refresh is only available directly from O2.



is this an o2 refresh plan? it looks the same as a tariff on their website but far cheaper.

Xperia Z3 on O2. Free phone, 500 mins, Unlimited texts, 500mb data. 24 month 4G contract at £23 pm. Total cost £552. plus possible topcashback £27.27, £45 quidco @
Found 22nd Nov 2014Found 22nd Nov 2014
I took a different deal about a month ago with cheaper line rental but £99 up front for the phone. Still seems like a cracking deal. Choose from black, white or gold. The deal I t… Read more
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good deal. spotted this last nite. also had lots of samsung refurbs s5s.


Just noticed this comment as well. Seriously you need to stop assuming things about people you don't know and haven't met. This person has indicated that their father in law uses mobile internet and then you ask if he even knows how to use it?? Also another sweeping statement that old people usually don't have a smart phone. You need to relax a bit,or alternatively become a politician with your people skills


Hmmm as I said earlier I check emails, social media etc. Etc means I do all the stuff I need to do on the internet which I would do regardless of if I have 500Mb or 5GB. I would not use 5GB. Please don't dictate what phone I should have based on "my" needs. Seems to me you're trolling?


I'd rather have unlimited internet than have to watch my usage every second of the day. If you are gonna have such a phone it would be a waste if you're only gonna check your emails on it. What you need is ZTE blade or similar spec phone. That would be better suited for your needs.


Does your father in law even know how to use the internet on his phone? My experience with oldies in the "father in law category" usually don't even have a smart phone and if they do, they are pretty fed up with them.

Free Xperia Z3 compact on 02. 4G contract for 24 months @ £18pm. 500 minutes, unl texts, 500mb. total cost £432. Possible £27.27 TCB
Found 11th Oct 2014Found 11th Oct 2014
I just took the full size Z3 offer ( but this is als… Read more
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Voicemail Yes. MMS no.


May well go for this. Does anyone know if MMS messages and voicemail calls are included on this contract or do they cost extra?


Sorry dont know what you mean? Click the link then press order now


Link going to wrong place

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Sony Xperia Z3 (copper or black) on 02. 4G contract for 24 months @ £18pm. upfront cost of £99 (use code Tenoff10 to reduce to £89). 500 minutes, unl texts, 500mb. total cost £521. Possible £27.27 TCB
Found 11th Oct 2014Found 11th Oct 2014
As in description. I've been waiting for a decent deal to come up with the Z3 so I went for this one. Received today and it's a good looking phone. No o2 branding TCB tracked at… Read more
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Good deal. But it's available slightly cheaper on the same site if you pay £99 for handset. Use code to get £10 off tenoff10. Then monthly line rental is £18. Marginally cheaper over the 2 years for exactly the same minutes, texts and data.


Sony and all the bloatware on there phone, I just hate the fact that we pay £500 plus for a phone and we are not allowed to delete the crap they add on these phones specially Sony and Samsung unless we root them.


Thanks for the response, much appreciated. :)


2 days from ordering to receiving mine. I bought the following case which fits well and looks good.


Anyone got a figure for how long it will roughly take for the phone to arrive? also any good cases people recommend (non flip and still keeps the phones stylish looks) ? thanks :)

Samsung Galaxy Young - £11.99p/m on T-Mobile with 1GB data and free tablet @ Omio
Found 17th Jul 2014Found 17th Jul 2014
The contract includes 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes, as well as a free Gemini 7007 tablet. Obviously the devices aren't of the highest spec, but to get a phone AND a… Read more

My son has a gemmini tablet hes got it for xmas last year Never had any problems with it at alland believe me its been hammered on a daily basis


Sorry cold from me, pretty lousy phone, looks like a pretty lousy tablet, 24month contract )ok you could get a different phone after a week of pulling your hair out with the Samsung) :D I think both of these would drive many people up the wall. The free tablet is worth £40 so personally I'd get a Moto E or Moto G and either make do with that and save up for a decent tablet.


Haha, I've corrected that now. Thanks for pointing it out :)


Lol for a moment I actually thought "I wonder what sort of table..."


It's ideal for someone who wants a cheap android device, or a younger child. It's really cheap, you get a free tablet and there's a decent amount of data/texts for the price!

iPhone 5S 32GB Unlimited texts, minutes and 5GB data 33/m O2 @
Found 19th Apr 2014Found 19th Apr 2014
Seems like a half decent deal to me if you need a reasonably high amount of data, which seems to be the problem with iPhone contracts. Unlimited Texts Unlimited Minutes 5GB Data … Read more
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891 - 629 = £262 Divided by 24 gives £10.91 pm no?


Hi Donkey, Initially the price was mention £99 so I mentioned about this. People like you, better first understand the issue and then speak. I wish every one has at least this much common sense and this world will be a better place.


Blinking idiot.


Is that not a good deal?? I would like someone to find better rather than abuse the deal finder.


£891 ..... its defo going to get Arctic Cold

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Nexus 5 £18.99pm - 24 month contract - total cost £455.76 @ Omio
Found 23rd Mar 2014Found 23rd Mar 2014
Google Nexus 5 on a good contract. 1000 mins Unlimited texts 500gb data. £18.99/mnth Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 500mb data - rodman Order from Mobile Phones Direct - … Read more
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yeah 500mb, sorry. I genuinely thought this was a decent deal for a medium user for what is still one of the best phones on the market...last time I post a contract phone deal


Crazy people?


why cold?


anyone know if ee are any better than t-mobile?


The advert says 500mb herbz if you clicked the go to deal button

Samsung Note 3 on One Plan, £32.71 (£185 upfront, £25 pcm *24= £785) @
Found 22nd Dec 2013Found 22nd Dec 2013
Been looking for a contract on Note 3 with 1500+ minutes and at > 2GB, and came across this deal at (anyone used them?) Three are selling this contract direct at… Read more

Many Thanks to those that responded. I will wait a couple of weeks to see if a better deal comes along.


Too big


Accurately £185 + £10/mth = £425 as I already posted. The phone can be had for around this price. That way, if three does not work out (as it does not for some) or EE come up with a better deal, then £180 saved. Not saying it is the way to go, but must be a consideration (especially if you have 6 months to go on a contract)!


Well there's CES and MWC in January and February so they may announce new products or new versions that will make you want to wait a little longer! (Should also bring the price down on this handset!)


I know but it's bloody hard waiting when I've had the same S2 for over two years lol.

Virgin "unlimited" everything SIM ONLY 30 day £15 @ omio + 99p postage
Found 8th Aug 2013Found 8th Aug 2013
This looks like a good deal, an alternative to the 3 one plan perhaps? -Virgin run on the EE network -There is a fair use policy of 3.5GB on data. Once exceeded speeds are capped … Read more
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>>>>> No probs BB, even if you are in a bad reception or poor phonemast location, the THREE deal, with a DIY aerial would solve any ping / dropped calls :-) The reception in 3 on most masts is actually shared with the old pactel and orange locations [1985-95 installed towers] hence why it is pants in most areas, however, the good thing about that is when the current EE [old 3] masts get the new software and ran box updates at the tower *normally* the whole tower is updated... EG: if the tower supplies 2 outputs for say o2/voda or 3/ee they are both boosted. Really the reason why *eventually* Vodafone [who will have the best indoor coverage] will have to submit to tethering / unlimited data plans like Three :-) But who knows, by the time that happens, the iPhone 84732948932748283747 will be out and our childrens, childrens, great, great, great grandchildren, will all be telepathic and phones obsolete 8)


I would have gone for THREE sim only deal but my bro just took out a sim only deal with them last month and the signal was really bad and not only that, a lot of his calls were getting dropped and people couldn't get through to him and he was getting voice mail alerts. He quickly got out of that and went back onto his old network. I know a couple of mates and they are on 3 as well, exactly the same signal quality when they were over at ours. THREE might be good for some folk but not for us in our area.


>>>>> The three deal at £15 for unlimited data, including unlimited tethering, plus free upgrade to 4G, plus free roaming abroad, plus the fact that they already share EE phonemast's makes it the ONE plan to have [see my little pun there!] all day. As for the streaming / downloads, afaik had NO restrictions on 3, flat out on netflix HD, about 900mb-1.4gb per film, so waste of time on Virgin as that would be 2 to 3 films then bye bye!


I got my micro sim card today and the network signal quality is way better than O2, I am impressed. I was dreading it was going to be worse. O2 used to be good for me where I a lways used to get full signal bars but over the past couple of years their network has really got run down an I was only getting 1-3 signal bars or sometimes even below 1 bar. On virgin I am getting around 3-4 bars. I am unsure if this contract covers LTE EE service? I don't have an iphone 5 so cannot test that.


If you guys want this sim card in Micro Sim then Virgin charge you £2.99 for it.

Samsung galaxy S4 Best O2 deal so far? £32 month £19.99 for phone 24 month term @ Mobile Phones direct
Found 22nd Apr 2013Found 22nd Apr 2013
On my daily quest for a good galaxy S4 deal, found this, not brilliant but if you want to stay on O2 best deal I have found so far with mobile phones direct. £19.99 for the phone 6… Read more
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Best reception where I live, English call centres, never had any problems what so ever with them. Hubby on T mobile an everytime he rings them they say he doesn't have an account with them, yet they manage to take his money every month!


uuhh why would you wait for O2 surfbabe10?


how about this o2 business £37.15 per month / free phone / unlimited minutes / unlimited texts / 2gb internet/ 24 month contract. Total cost £891.60... If I pay upfront cost of £199.77 can reduce total package to £843.69 over the 24months. However, they will give me six months line rental free if I take the £37.15 contract and take out business broadband. The total costs including business line and broadband would be £52.61/ month so £15.46/ month more for business line (minutes free) and business broadband (16mb) this is when I have taken off the 6 months free line rental discount. All prcies inclusive of VAT. o2 business gives me next day replacement on my phone at any time during the duration of the contract. In my experience this has proved first class as it is no quibble next day replacement wherever you are in the uk. no messing around sending things off to be repaired, no being without a phone for any length of time. would like to know if anyone else has beat this?


Your still tied in for 24 months I assume regardless of paying off your handset you still have to pay the line rental up to 24m


Hmm it's clever but look at it this way 24*42 (20 for the phone and 22 for the airtime) and that's going to be £1008! Even the default £399 for the phone and £22 a month for the contract is going to be just shy of a grand Not worth it one bit

HTC One - T-Mobile 50min/250txt/1gb - £15.50 + £179.99 - Mobilephonesdirect
Found 6th Apr 2013Found 6th Apr 2013
Found this deal while giving a troll a maths lesson and it actually seems quite good considering the price to buy the phone outright and the contract comes with decent data allowan… Read more

got a unlocked black one here and no battery issue... This could be a problem on a specific carrier as each uses different firmware / baseband. If your one of the unlucky ones with this issue either contact HTC or visit XDA for a firmware fix.


I got One as well theres no issue on mine either got on three network


You won't be having a battery problem with 50 mins!


There is no battery problem. I have this phone it lasts 2days. and 3 days if I put on power saver.


for people who dont like to talk

iPhone 5 with 24 month contract £10.50 per month + £324.99 for handset  - Total £576.99 + Possible Cashback @ T-Mobile basic
Found 18th Mar 2013Found 18th Mar 2013
Could be a bargain as you can still sell the phone for around £500 and use the sim only. I am not sure about the amount of the cashback but I am sure top cashback will offer you so… Read more

That was me being polite.


If some really wants an iPHone, has the £324.99 cash, and makes little use of a phone then it is worth going for. Otherwise best left alone.


Please be polite.


Yep, but less hassle than paying over £300 upfront, then trying to sell an iphone 5 without being ripped of and still paying £10 a month. Both ideals are a waste of time imo. I was just giving an example of how crazy the OPs plan was.


Isn't it £10.50 a month? The £5 is when cashback over the 24 months is taken into account?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Unlmtd Minutes , Unlmtd Text and 1gb data £678 @ Omio
Found 17th Mar 2013Found 17th Mar 2013
This deal is visible if you go through omio handset cost is 29.99 and £27 monthly after that for 24 months i think its a good deal if you are after this phone on unlimited minutes … Read more

Refer to judgey...


Im sure ive seen a deal this week for £26 and unlimited data.seen one today in the flesh ,its a beast of a phone so im still votin hot.


hot deal thanks


Galaxy S4 preorder. £31/pm, Free Phone, 1000 minutes,unlimited data and text


i dont know why people are voting cold as i have not seen a deal with unlimited minutes at this tarriff any wayz , its HUKD :)

Samsung galaxy S2 200mn + unlimited texts + 250mb data £15.5 a month total £372 or £321.5 with topcashback on o2
Found 27th Dec 2012Found 27th Dec 2012
FREE Samsung Galaxy S2 Exclusive online Galaxy S2 deal! Order direct from Buy Mobile Phones Delivery expected within days

This is Crap UK Deals and this is a Crap UK Deal.


Are you freakin kidding me? S2? I'm pretty sure you can get as good a deal, if not better, for the much newer S3.