Omni link+ Sky/Digbox remote control room repeater £1 (rrp £25) instore B&Q
Omni link+ Sky/Digbox remote control room repeater £1 (rrp £25) instore B&Q

Omni link+ Sky/Digbox remote control room repeater £1 (rrp £25) instore B&Q

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Found a couple of these lurking at the back of my B&Q warehouse (York, hull rd)

They were in a £1 sale stand along with various other high quality AV cables (I also got a 3m fibre optic toslink cable for £1 and a few other bits) I guess they were still there because they were in a small stand on their own right at the far corner of the store so worth a good look around if you're in B&Q (but not in York as I got the last 2!, still some good cables there for a quid though)

SET includes Omni link, Slx link digi eye, power supply and IR remote control extender (3 eyes)

allows you to link a sky box, digibox and VCR to another tv in the house and control all boxes with thier remote control from in front of that TV by sending the remote signal down the co-ax cable and then outputting it on the extender cable placed in front of the remote device.

Good luck.


Looks like full price on line.
Sky Accessory Sky Remote Control & TV Link

Brand: SLX
Pack Qty: 1

Only £29.98

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Original Poster

instore one does not have the sky remote control

If your running this over a long distance then you need to remember to use good quality Coax cabling. I tried one of these using some cable I brought on a real from B&Q and it didn't work over anything longer than 5m. Sadly I needed to use it over a distance of 15m so had to return it but it's a good deal at this price.


original post .lets all find something and post seperate threads there are upto 400 after all.like guv says its unlikely you will find one but if you look at info on original post you may find something very cheap and very useful as long as your not looking for something specific

I went to B&Q Coventry Warehouse today and asked them to check the price of these and they were full price, also checked the 3M Optical Cable also metionned and it was also full price.

Could be the OP's store only?

nice find
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