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Omnicraft Ford 5L -20 Screen Wash 15L for £21.42 Delivered @ Ford Shop

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

3x 5L for £21.42 as you need to spend £15 for free 2-day delivery.
It says ready mixed but that's for the full -20 protection.
Direct from the Ford shop, add 3 for free delivery.

This seems a decent alternative to what's on offer on here currently.
Ford Shop More details at Ford Shop
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    I'd put in your title it's for 3 as it looks like it's just for the 1 as a lot of people won't get to 15L or not understand. It's still not the cheapest for screen wash but it might help others out
    I'll just expire it and let them clog the jets and filters with the bargain basement crap ECP sell
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    I've just used Aldis ready mixed guaranteed to -5°C (£3) at an air temp of -2.7°C and it froze on the windscreen!!!!! It might be worth spending the extra to get something that works.
    ASDA do an extreme screenwash -22°C 2.5l for £3 which makes it cheaper than this, but not delivered. (edited)
    Me too it's useless, just started to unfreeze as I got to work after 45 minutes on the road...
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    I used the tesco - 5 and it froze last night washers wouldnt work at all today. I should of got some of this (edited)
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    Let’s see how cold it can go and see if the liquid good enough to “melt” it
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    I don't put any screen wash in my car which doesn't claim to be useful to at least -40 c in winter. I'm on my last bottle of the stuff Lidl used to sell (ultimate speed -60 c) but they've not done this for about three years now. The VAG group stuff is very good and rated to -70c but is about £9 per litre.