Omnimount CLS TV Bracket up to 24" £54.94

Omnimount CLS TV Bracket up to 24" £54.94

Found 21st Oct 2008
Omnimount CLS - £49.99 + 4.95 del
Small Cantilever Mount Fits most Flat Panel TV's 13" - 24" Maximum Weight 13.6kg

Usually around £80 in Currys, etc.

Gets great reviews - bought one of these instead of 75/100 model as poor reviews mentioned screws an issue.


Pretty pricey for a wall-mount. Vivomounts are a *lot* cheaper


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Yeah, it's a little dear for a mount - but it's much better looking than most and has integral wire ducts, keeping it all nice and tidy! Even better looking than the 75/100 model I referred to.

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Oh dear - are we voting cold because we can buy other makes cheaper?
Should you also vote Toshiba hotter than Venturer or Audi hotter than Ford?

I'm posting this because it's a good price for exactly what it is - an Omnimount CLS at £30 less than everybody else!

If you want to buy another make, fine! You will find cheaper makes, but are they any good?

cry baby :-D

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Ooh, that's a good one!
PS, forgot to say earlier - this is to mount my nice new shiny 24" Imac!
You like it now, you learn to love it later!
Can't wait to get it mounted!:whistling:
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