Omnimount for 37" - 52" screens - cantilever bracket £50 @ PCWorld

Omnimount for 37" - 52" screens - cantilever bracket £50 @ PCWorld

Found 22nd Sep 2009
PC world - selling Omni Mount brackets (Clearance) - I understand these things normally sell for hundreds more !! .... in store only. See the link below for full details of the product spec. (Bought one for myself - very heavy duty, and weighs a ton !!)…CL/


Same price in Dixons and Currys.You don't really think they sell for hundreds more do you?

These prices are complete rip off...i just bought brackets for my 50" Samsung TV (from Bennets electricals offer) off ebay for just £19 delivered and that was the buy it now price so it was not a matter of being lucky and it is very good mount as it also tilts...I keep laughing when I see currys and pc world selling these for more than £100

If this is the 52" cantilever model that you linked to then this is a CRACKING deal.

These are usually £80+, and the RRP is north of £200. Finding a full cantilever with tilt that can handle a 55kg TV at £50 is pretty rare. I think the posters here saying otherwise must have completely misunderstood just what this is.....

Am off to PCW to check this out. If it's the model indicated and it's this price, then it's just what I've been looking for. Thx to OP.


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This is for a CANTILEVER mount (not a normal wall mounted bracket).

Clearly a couple of the posters don't know what a cantilever mount is, or how much they normally cost. Normal ones (flat wall mount) typically £50, cantilever in excess of £200 !!

Before voting - please check the link to understand what the difference is! (dohhhh !!) :whistling:

star999999 - The sad thing about HUKD is the number of folks who really don't understand some deals, or who just don't have the time to (and still vote cold based on deceptive first impressions). It can be heartbreaking sometimes to know something is HOT and see it not get the votes it deserves.

FWIW, I've just got back from PCW. The item was on the shelves at £99+ (reduced from £149+), but scanned at £50! Staff were both surprised and envious.....

Thx for the heads up! Appreciated....

Now if someone will just find a hot deal on a Panny plasma, I'll have a use for it! LOL

anyone got the sku code for this, woudln't mind seeing if any stores locally have any


phoned up currys and reserved one got there and it was the wrong bracket

anyone able to tell me what stores they obtained stock from? also the sku

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