Posted 1 March 2023

Omron M2 Basic New Blood Pressure Monitor £19.00 - + Free Click and Collect @ Argos

£19£2934% off
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About this deal

Decent price thought I share

Medium size cuff 22 - 32 cm

For larger arms best to look at the M3 model.

Info added by @Sashecuador

Accurate measurements in one touch with the OMRON M2 Basic, you can now measure your blood pressure comfortably, quickly, and accurately. It is equipped with Intellisense technology which ensures that there is less discomfort from overinflation of the cuff. It also can detect irregular heartbeat during your usual blood pressure monitoring.

Number 1 recommended brand by cardiologists. For home blood pressure monitors in Europe.
Fast, easy and accurate measurements .
One button operation.
Irregular heartbeat detector.
Morning hypertension indicator.
Batteries required: 4 x AA batteries included.
Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.
Argos More details at Argos

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  1. dabe1971's avatar
    EVERYONE should have one of these in the home and checking periodically. I was walking around with 200/133 high blood pressure about 6 months ago and zero symptoms. It was only an optician that picked up signs of bleeding at the back of my eyes that led to investigation leading to a high BP, diabetes/pre-diabetes diagnosis. After the right meds were prescribed I'm hopefully on the right path now but having to have a series of eye injections over the next few months will be interesting.....
  2. jaypr's avatar
    Ordered one of these a while back and the cuff was too small for my arm, in fact I’d say it’s too small for most adults arms.
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    Was going to say nice story Arni

    but yes that is a small cuff... 32 cm

    Got one of these kinetikwellbeing.com/blo…70/ for £17.99

    been great big cuff 42cm and recommended monitor on NHS websitr.
  3. Mr.Frugal's avatar
    Anyone have this item that could mention how accurate it is? Thanks
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    I have same one,had a few doctor readings and they matched pretty close as does heart rate to my watch. Doctors also used a Omron brand one. (edited)
  4. siirbaz's avatar
    Brilliant!! thanks for sharing, ordered, collected and tested. Its small, light and very accurate. I compared it to other Omron models which I own, and the results are identical.

    Also worth mentioning: it comes with 4 AA Toshiba batteries in the box and the cuff size is average, not smaller IMHO.
  5. Wammer's avatar
    OH is still using a 12 year old version of this and it hasn't skipped a beat. The readings are compared to the surgery one at BP reviews and have always been the same. OH suffers from White Coat Syndrome, so the nurse records the readings taken at home as they're more accurate.

    However, I would recommend this one which I've just bought. It has a 30 reading memory and can be connected to your mobile to store your readings, which you can then show to a health professional.

  6. Geoff_Ford's avatar
    STOCK INDICATOR AT ALL MY LOCALS lets me go through payment then sorry none available every store i have tried , strange (edited)
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