Omron M2 Classic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Amazon £23.38

Omron M2 Classic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Amazon £23.38

Found 2nd Jul 2012
I know a similar one has just been posted but I have been watching this one for about a month. It was £15.85 in Feb :(.

Product Description
This clinically validated, fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor has a compact design and provides a quick and easy way to check for hypertension.

This compact unit with a large easy-to-read display and simple one-button operation features Omron's Intellisense technology that ensures the cuff inflates to the correct pressure to take a reading. It means it will not over inflate and avoids painful measurements. The Omron M2 Classic also features irregular heartbeat detection and has a hypertension level indicator for users who want to verify that their blood pressure is in the recommended level of under 135/85 mmHg.

When using an Omron blood pressure monitor, please ensure that the cuff size is correct. The Omron M2 Classic is supplied with a standard size cuff for arm circumference 22 cm to 32 cm. An optional Omron large blood pressure monitor cuff, suitable for arm circumference 32 cm to 42 cm, is available to purchase separately.

With a clinically validated monitor, you can be assured that it has undergone tests conducted by independent doctors according to a predetermined protocol, which includes ensuring the accuracy of the measurements (algorithm) of the blood pressure monitor.

Omron has been a leading innovator for healthcare products since the company was started in 1933. Since then, Omron has been involved in world breaking health product developments including launching the very first digital blood pressure monitor for home use in 1973 and introducing the first digital thermometer in 1983.

Box Contains
1 x M2 classic upper arm blood pressure monitor
1 x Medium cuff: 22 - 32 cm
1 x Storage case
1 x Battery set
1 x Guarantee card
1 x Instruction manual
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Good price.

Only 2 left!
I dont get this, these keep appearing at an over the top price, they are £10 in ASDA and have been for over a year, and its nationwide. This is NOT a deal.

And just in caseClick here for it on ASDA online

This is a great price for Basic, but the one posted here is the Classic version
both looks same to me, unless i am missing something?
LOL yeah the classic one is classic and the basic one is basic I guess. With the basic one you blow up a balloon repeatedly till you pass out!

Omron are a good make, I think I would just go for the basic at asda tbh.
Lazy post, dont need this on here.....

Thanks thats great, never thought about the supermarkets.


And just in caseClick here for it on ASDA online


Lazy post, dont need this on here.....

says the person who has only posted 2 deals
Can you get bigger sleeves for these? Being someone who trains, I'd love to monitor my BP but to fit one of these on is impossible?
The M2 basic model does not have a memory function, whereas the M2 Classic has a 21 function memory. There is, or was another model called the M2 Compact and this has a 14 function memory.
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